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VIDEO: Trump addresses events of the last few weeks

VIDEO: Trump addresses events of the last few weeks

“These are tense and difficult times. The efforts to censor, cancel, and blacklist our fellow citizens are wrong and they are dangerous.”

Trump issued a video announcement responding to the events of the last few weeks, in particular the violence last week and the massive and widespread cancellation of voices across the country.

Watch here:

Trump was impeached for a second time today. He didn’t mention impeachment in his address.


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It doesn’t matter what he says.

This is the new ‘very fine people’ bullshit.

It will be ‘common knowledge’ on the left that Trump incited a riot, and no amount of evidence will EVER change a single mind.

    I don’t want for them to change anything. I just want to know who they are so they can be avoided.

    Hell, Romney will take them, one and all, and they can join together chattering with loons, speaking of things that seem sensible, among loons.

    NYBruin in reply to Olinser. | January 13, 2021 at 8:16 pm

    And refuting that “common knowledge” will get you branded a white supremacist, fascist, Nazi, etc. All part of the Left’s plan to marginalize – or eliminate altogether – conservative thought.

I am glad he spoke up.

No. To hell with that. America cannot continue with the likes of Pelosi and her debilitating hatefulness.

To heal America, Congress should resign, en masse. Biden cannot presume to office under the veil of the fraud.

The Senate has become as disgusting as anything Adolph Hitler ever imagined, they should all resign, even the best of the bunch has not served the interest of a United StateS.

Secession was the right thing the first time. It is more essential now.

As Obama’s spiritual mentor so eloquently phrased, “goddamn America”. Bless his Satanic heart, America has been damned and the roosts are fluttering with Obamic birds of the feather.

Hitler had the decency to end his domestic ruination, at his own hand. May Pelosi take a page from his example, get a cheap shag carpet and learn how to fly it.

    Let’s just repeat that: “Secession was the right thing the first time.” Aside from the fact that you are endorsing slavery, where is this nonsense coming from? Gateway Pundit, Conservative Treehouse, the tinfoil hat vendor on the corner?

I was wondering when we would hear from him again.

It’s good.

He seems to have a account, which is like twitter, but he doesn’t seem to have taken to it.

Maybe he is just too busy. ?

    Spreading peace through the Middle East. Addressing progressive pricing in medical and pharmaceutical industries. Standing up to diversity and exclusion. Working with urban stake holders. Pursuing revitalization, rehabilitation, and reconciliation. Emigration reform to mitigate [catastrophic] [anthropogenic] immigration reform (e.g. “refugee crises”, illegal immigration). Renegotiating trade terms to diffuse incentives for environmental, labor, and regulatory arbitrage. Standing up to the CCP’s aggressive expansion, and calling out their human rights violations. Meanwhile, the CCP, presumably in consultation with Western intellectuals, have adopted policies and language that have evolved from the Great Leap to one-child to selective-child (i.e. planned parenthood), and, unsurprisingly, concentration camps for their deplorables. In retrospect, selective-girl policy was poorly conceived, or forward-looking with excess males migrating to resourceful destinations. The most credible criticism is that there is work undone, and he hasn’t gone far enough. That said, all-American: Pro-Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.

Tump was impeached for a second time today.

Democrat collusion and impeached Republicans. Peachy.

Democrats made Impeachment completely meaningless the first time they impeached him. No need to address it at all.

A good address to be sure, but it doesn’t matter. He did his best to hold back the tide, but in the end, it was too much. The stranglehold the left has built and imposed upon so many key parts of society. Tech, business, finance, education. And the lackeys on the right who sat by and did nothing. Bastards.

Where do we go from here…

When biden lays his hand on that Bible to “Swear-In,” he will be committing an overt act in front of more than two witnesses (((the entire world))). The intent of biden, the dnc/ccp was already known, to steal the election. Evidence of their election fraud was collected. It’s ready to be used in legal proceedings. But all that’s needed now is for joe to consummate the crime. kamala too. A lot of things are going to happen quickly after the fake swearing-in. It isn’t going to turn out the way the gaslighting msm is telling everyone it’s going to turn out with a dystopian “biden presidency.” Not going to happen.

Strange isn’t it that the only guy calling for calm heads is tge one the left is calling a killer.

I don’t see Biden or that other bint getting out in front of the cameras calling for calm.…

“Our movement”


In my opinion, Peace had it’s chance.