This is not an honorary degree. This is Trump’s actual college degree. This is madness.

BillyPen reports:

How UPenn could revoke Trump’s Wharton degree

People connected to the University of Pennsylvania have long demanded a more serious response to the actions of 1968 Wharton alumnus President Donald Trump. With last week’s riot at the Capitol, the calls have grown more urgent.

Both Lehigh University and Wagner College last week rescinded honorary degrees they had previously given to Trump, and some alumni are calling for the Philly school to do the same. Though his Ivy League diploma was paid for with tuition — earned, not bestowed like the others mentioned — UPenn’s bylaws do allow for those to be revoked in some circumstances, Billy Penn has confirmed.

Throughout Trump’s term, UPenn grads have called for investigations into his admittance, and students have asked the university to condemn his more incendiary statements and policies.

But the school’s administration has maintained a light touch. There’s been no official denunciation of the president, and Wharton faculty have refused to review the credentials that got him into the university.

If UPenn were to take action, how would it work? Here’s what the process looks like.

Can the University of Pennsylvania revoke an earned degree?

Yes. UPenn just refreshed its guidelines on rescinding degrees about a year and a half ago.

The university bylaws state that the university reserves the right to take back a degree if they find it has been obtained fraudulently, like if a student provided false information on their admission application. UPenn can also nullify your diploma if you plagiarized, cheated on a test, tampered with student records or engaged in any misconduct in a research project.


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