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University Assistant Football Coach Fired for ‘Hateful’ Tweet Critical of Stacey Abrams

University Assistant Football Coach Fired for ‘Hateful’ Tweet Critical of Stacey Abrams

“assistant football coach for the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga”

There are some people you just can’t criticize without being punished. Stacey Abrams is one of them.

The Blaze reports:

University football coach fired for ‘hateful’ tweet about Stacey Abrams, election fraud

An assistant football coach for the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga has been fired after posting a tweet disparaging former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams and making unsubstantiated claims about election fraud during Tuesday’s Senate runoffs.

Chris Malone, who had just finished his second season with the Mocs, mocked Abrams’ appearance as well as her failed 2018 run for governor in the post, which has since been deleted.

“Congratulations to the state of GA and Fat Albert @staceyabrams because you have truly shown America the true works of cheating in an election again!!! Enjoy the buffet Big Girl! You earned it!!! Hope the money was good, still not governor!” Malone wrote, according to the Knoxville News Sentinel.

Abrams, who formerly served in the Georgia House of Representatives, played an active role in garnering support for Democratic Sens.-elect Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossof ahead of the state’s runoff elections.

It’s worth noting that a third-party voter registration group founded by Abrams, the New Georgia Project, was under investigation by the Georgia secretary of state’s office for “repeatedly and aggressively” seeking to register “ineligible, out-of-state, or deceased voters” ahead of the runoffs.


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He needs to get a good lawyer and sue for unlawful termination and infringing his First Amendment rights.

    Milhouse in reply to ray. | January 9, 2021 at 11:27 pm

    I doubt there’s such a thing as unlawful termination in Tennessee. But it is a government university, so the first amendment is implicated. They’d have to show that the tweet will interfere with his ability to do his job, and that seems like it would be hard to show in this case.

She ’bout some serious fatback ol’ hawg.

JusticeDelivered | January 9, 2021 at 2:49 pm

Abrams hideous to look at, foul when she opens her mouth, and the only one congress dumber than Abrams is Omar. As bad as Congress has been in the past, she is worse.

    Well, there’s upchuck, nan, mad max, actually a plethora on the left, with too many on the right that could go toe to toe with abrams in a dumb v dumber fight.

This illustrates how easy it is to shoot off your mouth in an unguarded moment. He could have gotten his point across without the personal attacks. That said, I agree with his assessment of her as a person. She is genuinely deplorable.