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Political Science Prof Calls Trump Supporters ‘Enemy of the State’

Political Science Prof Calls Trump Supporters ‘Enemy of the State’

“So terrorists finally made it into the Capitol Building…this is surreal”

I seem to remember that when Trump called the media the enemy of the people, it was denounced as dangerous rhetoric. Does this also qualify?

The College Fix reports:

Flagler College political science professor calls Trump supporters ‘enemy of the state’

If you’re a student in Rachel Cremona’s political science classes who vocally supports President Trump, keep a close eye on your grades and be careful what you say in class.

The Flagler College professor and former department chair declared on Facebook that anyone who still supports the (presumably) outgoing president is an “enemy of the state” – the same language used by some Trump supporters against the media.

A Flagler alum shared the Wednesday afternoon private Facebook post by Cremona, along with a few comments, with The College Fix.

“So terrorists finally made it into the Capitol Building…this is surreal,” wrote the professor, who goes by “Cremona-Dow” on the platform, referring to Wednesday’s civilian takeover of the U.S. Capitol that delayed election certification.

“Can you imagine if this was ‘Antifa scum’???” Cremona continued. (One of those “terrorists,” an unarmed mother and veteran named Ashli Babbitt, was shot and killed by U.S. Capitol Police.) “If you still support this president you are an enemy of the state.”


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Hey, nobody does National Socialist better than ditzy white female political science professors!

Sweet Jesus, this woman would have been the hardest female SS screw to walk a turn at Auschwitz.

She’s reading from the playbook of the Communist Party of China. They routinely call the freedom fighters in Hong Kong “enemies of the state.” The term is used against anyone who questions their totalitarian regime.

the enemy of the people
‘enemy of the state’
denounced as dangerous rhetoric. Does this also qualify
Nooooo. You’re looking at two totally different things here. “Enemy of the people” is dangerous rhetoric because The People lead the revolution that will lead us into that glorious Utopia! And “enemy of the state” is merely pointing out the kulaks and wreckers and the actual enemies of The People. Your social credit score has been adjusted accordingly, comrade. You should read your Little Red Book more.

When the state becomes illegitimate, then all patriots become “enemies of the state”.

And, anyone who tends federalist (or libertarian, or even a radical ‘conservative’) is already an “enemy of the state”, as the state is clearly an enemy of free people (except when very strictly confined by said people).

That’s adorable, Comrade Professor.

What is a Flagler College?

The Dems seem to be using Russian Communists’ policies for both elections and suppression of information, so if he means ‘Enemy of the Communist State’, he might be right.

Are the vile Dhimmi-crats so utterly narcissistic and self-absorbed that they can’t recognize their transparent hypocrisy in these matters? It was only LAST YEAR that these same Dhimmi-crats were praising, enabling and otherwise glorifying goose-stepping, jackbooted “Anti-fa” and “Black Lives Matter” goons who were engaged in wanton acts of violence and destruction.

Dhimmi-crats are the last people in America who should be lecturing anyone about political behavior, especially after their antics of last year, which saw businesses looted and destroyed, neighborhoods burned to the ground, police officers attacked and blinded and synagogues desecrated and vandalized — all despicable acts of totalitarian violence and hatred, committed by Dhimmi-crats, and, further, behavior that far from being swiftly and unequivocally condemned by Dhimmi-crat “leaders,” was, instead — contemptibly, indefensibly, perversely and fecklessly — enabled, encouraged and praised as morally upright by these despicable reprobates.