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Michelle Obama Wants Big Tech to Permanently Ban Trump

Michelle Obama Wants Big Tech to Permanently Ban Trump

Hey, Michelle. How are Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers?

Former First Lady Michelle Obama encouraged Big Tech to permanently ban President Donald Trump on their platforms.

She also wants them to figure out a way “to prevent technology from being used by the nation’s leaders to fuel insurrection.”

Just like everyone else on the left, Obama described the Black Lives Matters protests as “overwhelmingly peaceful” despite the evidence we published all summer.

But that’s beside the point.

Obama is advocating for censorship.

“Now is the time for Silicon Valley companies to stop enabling this monstrous behavior – and go even further than they have already by permanently banning this man from their platforms and putting in place policies to prevent their technology from being used by the nation’s leaders to fuel insurrection,” Obama wrote.

I don’t care that Trump is the sitting president. Censorship is wrong. I find Trump gross and childish. I don’t want to censor him.

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and other platforms can do whatever they want.

But do not be shocked when people point out your double standard and hypocrisy. Do not be shocked when people also call for you to be censored.

Didn’t the Obamas attend Jeremiah Wright’s church? There are photos of them with Louis Farrakhan.

How about the connection between the Obamas and Bill Ayers? He led the terrorist group Weather Underground. He once said he felt his group didn’t do enough.

Do not preach about peace and unity when you hang out with people who regularly preach their own hate and racism.


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Yeah, Mooch, keep pouring gas on the bonfire. This movie isn’t going to end the way you think it will.

Federal prosecutor to charge President Trump with inciting riot and deaths.

Here’s a friendly suggestion…. Lose the FB/twitter share buttons and put on some Rumble/Parler share buttons in their place.

I guess no more Arab Springs.

Who cares what that racist grifting slob saya about anything?

We have other things to do: to organize and break Facebook, twitter, youtube , netflix, fox, the GOP and the like. Use or subscribe to any of them and you arw part of the’surrender caucus’, as Lindsay Graham and mcconnell have predictably become.

It’s not hard to do your part – but you have to do it.

She must think she has a mighty big dick to swing…

Before January 20, Trump should perhaps name an Election Integrity Commission to look at nationwide procedures and propose standards to ensure that legal voters are not disenfranchised.

I remember how she admonished the nearly three months of rioting when Trump was elected to a month after the inauguration.

When a totalitarian takes over among the first steps is the banning of all other political parties. Hitler’s efforts in this regard are well-known because there’s so much documentation on the Nazi Party. But his suppression of his political enemies is not unique. The politics of personal destruction, brought to prominence by the Clintons, along with today’s Cancel Culture are one in the same as the outright suppression of other political parties. The differences are only in degree, but not kind.

The Democrats will do exactly as Hitler, Mao, Stalin did if given the chance. The purpose of our federal system was to divide power so that the concentration of it would not be easily achieved. If you’ll take note, the Democrats are busy about the business of establishing themselves in power forever. Adding government-dependent populations (DC, Puerto Rico), court-packing to diminish constitutionalist justices are obvious examples, but not the only dirty tricks the Democrats have cooking.

    henrybowman in reply to fscarn. | January 7, 2021 at 7:12 pm

    The irony is, if they banned the Republican Party, it would just be saving us the trouble.

      The Republicans are the Washington Generals to the Harlem Globetrotters. Necessary for the game and always the graceful losers.

    “The Democrats will do exactly as Hitler, Mao, Stalin did if given the chance…”

    They have the chance now!

    The hell with the former America – we’re in a fight for our very lives, no matter what the new Junta regime our country has been lost to is called.

Simon & Schuster cancels publication of Sen. Josh Hawley’s not yet published book.

It has been 72 hours since Hawley’s wife and baby were threatened by Antifa, yet the Franz von Papen Republicans are not exactly burning up Twitter denouncing THAT violence (Patrick Young of @ShutDown_DC says they may return for a “follow up conversation”).

It’s as if she wants more violence. Not delivered to her door of course.

Maybe Big Mike should sit the F right down and stay there.

The “peaceful transition of power” delivered in an armored glove and chain mail.

When you steal and seize power all avenues of protest must be shut.

How’s that “rule of law” feel dear lawyers? Think we have “standing”. No..honestly… if I were in practice I would bone up on what happens in totalitarian states. Pretty soon certain people will not be represented if you want a practice.

    JHogan in reply to alaskabob. | January 7, 2021 at 9:08 pm

    Pretty soon was yesterday. They already intimidated lawyers for Trump to bend the knee and resign. Or else.

    Next up, Trump supporters. Starting with the most prominent and working their way down.

    Watch to see who they decide to persecute next. We’ll probably know by mid-February. If not sooner.

    They might even try to take another run at Flynn if they can find enough Roland Freisler wannabe judges who will rule however they wish. As for SCOTUS… Roberts will join with his new allies to intimidate one or two Trump appointees to vote with him and the lefties.

    We no longer live under the rule of law. The law is whatever they say it is in whatever situation they wish to apply it.

I was hoping Big Mike and ladylike Barack would go away.

Close The Fed | January 7, 2021 at 9:51 pm

Pointed to this from

Fellow confesses he was paid to pretend to protest.

Note to Mary Chastain:

What is the purpose of putting up a vanity photo of this maggot? It’s bad enough you put up a photo we have to endure at all, but this fake photo of that beast?


THIS is what moooochelle obama looks like:

And please: no more Hillary Clinton photos from 30 years ago!

None of the conversations and actions are new. The left has destroyed America and we are now moving into the next stage to move hard to socialism on the way to communism. They will begin to eliminate your civil rights and take your guns. A gun owner is a citizen. A person with no gun is a slave.

The left has made the education systems indoctrination centers where socialism and communism are taught and the history of America is deleted. The left will always take advantage of any crisis to advance their agenda to move towards socialism. The left will always promise everything but never deliver on their promises and blame conservatives.

The left has moved quickly in the 2020 election to change laws across America to fix elections therefore not needing any more elections.

The left will always do anything to destroy individuals with massive lies and lawsuits. They were very good at that against Romney resulting in an Obama win. They have never accepted Trump, a businessmen instead of one of the political elites. They did everything they good to smear him and actively worked to keep him from improving America. They will never, ever acknowledge good from Trump or conservatives.

The only chance Americans have is to buy more guns and ammo now while you can.

Dreadful racist lying POS. She’s never worked a day in her life.

    FOTin1943 in reply to MAJack. | January 8, 2021 at 6:57 pm

    Oh, yes, she did. At that time, being a “black” law school graduate and a woman law school graduate, a big Chicago firm hired her, for big $$ I’m sure. (That is where she and barry-o met. I believe he was still in law school and, as a black student, was able to get one of those high-paying summer jobs.) Anyway .. that kind of employment meant WORKING as a new/young lawyer … and off she went to being paid by someone who needed her hubby as a political friend – a hospital, I believe.

And those are her positives…

Michelle who? This man/woman is a NOTHING-BURGER and should keep IT’S mouth firmly shut! IT wrecked the British Royal Family – what does it want now? A pallet of cash like hubby gave the Ayatollahs?
Product of a sick society!

to prevent their technology from being used by the nation’s leaders to fuel insurrection.

Three guesses who she has in mind to define ‘insurrection’: both what is insurrection, and what isn’t insurrection.

Can anyone do a well being check on TheFineReport? Sounds like he started drinking early and is slurrrrring his online comments.