Chris Rufo of the Discovery Institute has been a leading voice against Critical Race Theory Training. You might recognize him from his numerous appearances on the Tucker Carlson show.

He is now forming a network of lawyers to stop CRT training all over the country.

Sam Dorman reports at FOX News:

Legal coalition forming to stop critical race theory training around the country

A network of private attorneys and the conservative organizations are launching a “war” against critical race theory trainings across the country as President Biden rolls back the Trump administration’s efforts on the issue.

Led by Discovery Institute researcher Chris Rufo, the network’s stated goal is to bring a complaint before the U.S. Supreme Court and “effectively abolish critical race theory programs from American life.”

It comes just after Biden repealed Trump’s executive order banning critical race theory training from the federal government, a move by Trump that Rufo appeared to precipitate by releasing documents leaked from federal employees.

“Critical race theory is a grave threat to the American way of life,” read Rufo’s press release, which echoed Trump’s previous condemnation of the training.

“It divides Americans by race and traffics in the pernicious concepts of race essentialism, racial stereotyping, and race-based segregation—all under a false pursuit of ‘social justice.’ Critical race theory training programs have become commonplace in academia, government, and corporate life, where they have sought to advance the ideology through cult-like indoctrination, intimidation, and harassment.”

Rufo is not bluffing about this:

Here’s a segment from the Tucker Carlson show last fall, where Rufo described how Critical Race Theory has already infiltrated the federal government:

Professor Jacobson recently wrote about a related lawsuit at a Nevada charter school brought by one of Rufo’s associates. Read that report here.

The progressive agenda is already embedded in our public schools at every level. We are late to this fight, but that doesn’t mean we should give up.

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