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Black Student Union at DePaul U. Demands Safe Spaces On and Off Campus

Black Student Union at DePaul U. Demands Safe Spaces On and Off Campus

“healing & safe spaces for Black students on and off-campus”

This would apparently violate the Civil Rights Act. Do the students even care?

Campus Reform reports:

Black Student Union demands segregated safe spaces ‘on and off campus’

Black Student Union representatives at DePaul University in Chicago are demanding new programs and spaces reserved solely for Black students and faculty.

The BSU’s demands include “healing & safe spaces for Black students on and off-campus,” despite that DePaul University previously opened cultural centers for Black, Latino, Asian American, and LGBT students. The programs would potentially violate Title VI of the Civil Rights Act, which prohibits any college receiving federal funds from enacting programs that discriminate on the basis of race.

The BSU also called on DePaul to limit administrative positions in its healing and safe spaces to “Black faculty and staff.”

“The letter was inspired by the quick response from DePaul to the coup attempt in comparison to their slow and lackluster responses to the protests of the summer in 2020,” two BSU representatives told DePaul’s students newspaper, The DePaulia, in a joint statement. When it came to the George Floyd protests “the statements they released took several days and they were filled with unfulfilled promises, careless typos, and an overall lack of urgency.”

As an example of “careless typos,” the students cited DePaul University President Gabriel Esteban’s misnaming of Eric Garner as Eric ‘Ferguson’ in a May 29 letter he wrote to declare DePaul’s stance on police reform.

The Black Student Union also demanded “more health professionals that we as Black students can count on and feel comfortable with” and re-educating faculty on “topics relating to slavery” in new diversity, equity, and inclusion courses taught exclusively by “Black & Brown” people. The group further called for “reliable and active points of access from the student body (especially Black students) to faculty & admin.”


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Well DePaul is private and Catholic. I suspect they do not get government money. Francis would probably approve of those demands. Sigh…I feel backed in a corner trying to help my son choose a college. In two years I am not sure there will be a college left for him to attend that focuses on education.

If they stay away from other blacks their need for safe spaces will be negated.

    bw222 in reply to JimWoo. | February 1, 2021 at 6:40 pm

    Remember Jessie Jackson saying he was relieved to turn around and discover the person he heard behind him was white? That’s one of two times Old Jesse made sense; the other being “stay out of the Bushes.”

So does that mean they only want to see physicians who arrived at that place via affirmative action programs? I think that they are in greater need of a mandatory “irony” class.

This would apparently violate the Civil Rights Act. Do the students even care?

Does DoJ care? I don’t think they do, so long as the violation benefits non-whites and/or women.

Enough is enough already!

Good luck finding a safe-space anywhere in Chicago.

Baader-Meinhof syndrome: after a person has learned something new (however not just new, but rather exciting new), they begin to see these new events or ideas everywhere. The mind of such a person from the entire informational cacophony of the surrounding world starts to single out only what he is looking for. In addition, each new mention of the subject further strengthens his confidence that this new phenomenon or idea exists everywhere.

People who developed the Baader-Meinhof illusion are in a permanent search for additional evidence of their illusion. This is very similar to drug addiction. Without another dose of news confirming an idea, event, or dogma, these people feel very uncomfortable. Moreover, of course, any facts that contradict such an idea or event are discarded as superfluous.

DePaul is a mess. Several years ago First Things magazine selected DePaul as the “least Catholic” Catholic university in America. Even its basketball team sucks. Parents – save your money and send your children to State U. Illinois, UIC and Northern Illinois are just as “Catholic” as DePaul.

Do they want separate drinking fountains? That would be interesting.

Of course, drinking fountains are probably banned because of The Deadliest Plague Ever.