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Big Tech is Following Higher Education’s Method of Deplatforming Conservatives

Big Tech is Following Higher Education’s Method of Deplatforming Conservatives

“This is a direct threat to our student democracy”

Progressives in higher education figured out long ago that you don’t have to debate people if you just silence them. That’s what big tech is doing now.

Campus Reform provides a few examples:

Before Big Tech, colleges led the way in de-platforming conservatives

Conservative student group denied ‘for no reason’

Baylor University rejected an application from conservative students looking to start a TPUSA chapter on campus. Emails obtained by Campus Reform showed the Department of Student Activities informing the students that the department “will be unable to grant a charter for Turning Point USA at Baylor.”

The university went on to list the three other conservative groups on campus. However, it did not respond to multiple email requests from Baylor TPUSA founder Oliver Mintz regarding clarification as to why the application was rejected.

Santa Barbara City College denied charter to start a TPUSA club on campus

The student government at Santa Barbara City College in California denied a charter request to students seeking to start a conservative group.

“This is a direct threat to our student democracy,” Student Luca Ferrel said of the prospective chapter, according to an article in the Channels student newspaper.

The student senate at SBCC voted unanimously to deny the Turning Point USA chapter a charter at the March 13 meeting. Nearly 50 students at SBCC had expressed interest in joining the TPUSA chapter on campus.

Student gov denies conservative group funding, citing ‘values’ difference

The Trinity University Student Government Association in denied funding for a Young Conservatives of Texas speaker event.

An email from the Student Government Association Finance Committee chairwoman to Trinity YCT chairwoman Julia Westwick said the speaker Young Conservatives wanted to host did not align with the school’s “values,” specifically when it comes to “honoring the dignity and worth of every person.”


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Of course. Nearly everyone in tech has at least a bachelor’s degree. They continue to apply what they learned, even the unethical stuff.

    DSHornet in reply to irv. | January 16, 2021 at 10:59 am

    Many spend their lives applying what they learned to improve themselves. Examples are plumbers, electricians, fitters, HVAC and IT specialists, carpenters, mechanics, and many others who do genuinely productive labor.

SBCC understands that democracy is a lot smoother if you keep out the people who disagree with you!