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Biden Official Tells Honduran Migrant Caravan Don’t Come Now, Migrants Demand Biden Honor His Commitments

Biden Official Tells Honduran Migrant Caravan Don’t Come Now, Migrants Demand Biden Honor His Commitments

Except his commitments are for those already in America.

President-elect Joe Biden promised to ease immigration rules put in place by President Donald Trump.

A Honduran migrant caravan with thousands of people started making its way to the border, which could cause Biden to break a promise at the start of his administration.

Biden’s Plan

People within Biden’s team has said the new president wants to offer “a pathway to citizenship for an estimated 11 million immigrants who are in the country without legal status.”

The plan also offers “a shorter pathway to citizenship for hundreds of thousands of people with temporary protected status and beneficiaries of” DACA.

Team officials did not comment, but The Los Angeles Times reported:

But on Saturday, Biden’s incoming chief of staff, Ron Klain, sent a memo to the administration’s senior staff that said the new president’s agenda includes “the immigration bill he will send to Congress on his first day in office,” which Klain asserted would “restore humanity to our immigration system.”

Biden’s proposal lays out what would be the most sweeping and comprehensive immigration package since President Reagan’s Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, which granted legal status to 3 million people who were in the country without documentation.

Under Biden’s plan, immigrants would become eligible for legal permanent residence after five years and for U.S. citizenship after an additional three years — a faster path to citizenship than in previous immigration bills.

The Caravan

People believe 9,000 Hondurans have set out towards the border. Over 2,000 migrants made their way past Guatemalan authorities on Friday night.

Guatemala set up a roadblock to stop the Hondurans, but not out of hatred. President Alejandro Giammattei refused any caravans due to COVID-19. Many of the people did not wear masks, have documentation, or proof of a negative test.

The Hondurans tried to use the sympathy card by “appealing to the soldiers as fellow South Americans.”

The Guatemalan soldiers began to use force over the weekend after the 2,000 migrants got through on Friday night. They used tear gas and batons.

One migrant said he “didn’t come with the intention of looking for problems with anybody,” nor are any of them “looking for trouble.”

But as stated above, Guatemala has strict rules about coming into the country like other countries, including the United States.

It turns out “that 21 of the migrants sought medical attention at health centers and tested positive for the coronavirus.”

Guatemalan officials demanded Honduran officials “contain the mass exit of its inhabitants.”

Caravan Misunderstanding

A senior Biden transition team official told NBC News that the administration wants the Hondurans to know that they cannot just come into America:

“The situation at the border isn’t going to be transformed overnight,” the transition official told NBC News in an exclusive interview.

The senior Biden transition official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said those who have been waiting at the border, along with other vulnerable populations, will be a priority for processing and entry, rather than those who have recently arrived.

The official said migrants attempting to cross into the U.S. to claim asylum in the first few weeks of the new administration “need to understand they’re not going to be able to come into the United States immediately.”

The official reminded the caravan that Biden’s bill would only apply to those “already living in the U.S.”

The official said that the Biden administration would eventually “set up a way to safely process migrants at the border and allow asylum seekers to make their claims.”

This person did not tell NBC News what the migrants will face if they reach the border.

Incoming Biden domestic policy advisor Susan Rice spoke to Spanish wire service EFE (via Fox News):

“Processing capacity at the border is not like a light that you can just switch on and off,” incoming Biden domestic policy adviser Susan Rice told Spanish wire service EFE. “Migrants and asylum seekers absolutely should not believe those in the region peddling the idea that the border will suddenly be fully open to process everyone on Day 1. It will not.”

“Our priority is to reopen asylum processing at the border consistent with the capacity to do so safely and to protect public health, especially in the context of COVID-19,” she said. “This effort will begin immediately but it will take months to develop the capacity that we will need to reopen fully.”

Migrants Tell Biden to Honor His Commitments

The caravan gave a sign that it will not stop despite the problems in Guatemala and the problems it will likely face when it gets to Mexico.

From Fox News:

“We recognize the importance of the incoming Government of the United States having shown a strong commitment to migrants and asylum seekers, which presents an opportunity for the governments of Mexico and Central America to develop policies and a migration management that respect and promote the human rights of the population in mobility,” the statement said. ” We will advocate that the Biden government honors its commitments.”

“A new United States Government is an opportunity to work with the Mexican Government to develop a cooperation plan with Central America to address the causes of migration, together with civil society organizations, as well as an opportunity to increase regional cooperation regarding the persons in need of protection, and to dismantle illegal and inhuman programs such as Remain in Mexico, the United States’ Asylum Cooperation Agreements with El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, as well as the Title 42 expulsions by the United States authorities,” it said, referring to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) order that allows the U.S. to quickly remove migrants on public health grounds.


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I’d be very curious about the ‘commitments’ Mr. Biden has made to these migrants. Especially the commitments made under the table through intermediaries.

More importantly: who is supporting the caravans? It’s over fifteen hundred miles from Honduras to the Rio Grande. These people supposedly are walking — that’s twenty miles a day, tops. They need to be fed. They need somewhere to sleep, even if an open field. The ones who become ill need some sort of medical support. And importantly, these people are about as welcome in Mexico as seven-year locusts. Someone is providing and arranging for protection.

None of this is cheap. All this strongly suggests that someone and some organization is providing significant logistical support. I’ll bet a day’s pay that it’s some quiet, nebulous American hard-left NGO with all sorts of reach. Who? And who are they reaching in progressive politics, and in the Biden administration?

sounds like something got lost in the translation

Immigration reform and collateral damage at both ends of the bridge and throughout in lieu of emigration reform.

First he is about to get every illegal here citizenship
Second he will double down giving money to every illegal like Nanzi did in the original $1200 give away.
And now expects every poor person on the planet who has trouble surviving not to get here by hook or crook?

It is time to state the obvious: the Biden* administration is already in chaos and sending mixed signals because the cage match between the old fart Soviet Central Committee and the Khmer Rouge wannabes has begun. From now on the country will be a Ping Pong ball between these two Communist Party factions.

When I was going through Russian language school in the Navy, I had a teacher who had been a journalist for a Russian paper that published outside of the Soviet Union.

One day he was interviewing a Russian expat and he asked him what would be the first thing he would do if the Soviets opened their borders to emigration.

“Climb a tree,” was the immediate answer.

After seeing my teacher’s quizzical expression, he explained, “if they open the borders, if I don’t climb a tree I will be trampled to death by half the country leaving.”

Hmmm. I can’t imagine why that story came to mind.

Also hoping there are a lot of trees down Rio Grande way. Very soon, it’s going to suck big time to be a Border Patrol agent.

Just saw the Immigrant Song in the Video of the Day.

Good video, but I still prefer this version:

Close The Fed | January 18, 2021 at 4:40 pm

They will all get amnesty.




We will give amnesty to 50 million people.


    zennyfan in reply to Close The Fed. | January 18, 2021 at 7:09 pm

    When I attended a law school near downtown LA, I sometimes drove a few blocks for lunch. Every time I stopped my car, I was approached by guys offering Social Security cards, birth certificates, and driver’s licenses. They turned away when they saw my blondish hair and fair skin. Nothing had changed, except Biden will do away with the fiction of documents.

Close The Fed | January 18, 2021 at 4:41 pm




2smartforlibs | January 18, 2021 at 4:52 pm

Do the Commie think wide-open borders day one would overstep?

I am a construction worker, many on jobs barely speak English and know travel in and out often, wouldn’t be hard to show they been here before.

He doesn’t stay bought.

DieJustAsHappy | January 18, 2021 at 5:33 pm

I can hear it now at some future time: “Dang! We told them not to come, but they came anyway! So, as long as they’re already here we might as well …”

11 million to 20 million is a lot of people. They have a plan to collapse the government benefits system. They have a plan to issue voter cards to all. Next step is socialism. Take a look at Venezuela. That’s the model not Sweden. I hope it doesn’t happen but I can see it beginning.

Does anyone else see the blatant hypocrisy in all this ?

They say they are against all racism.

But they only allow illegal entry from the Mexican border.This is clearly preferential treatment for Central American Hispanics.

People in Africa, Asia, Europe, MidEast have to follow the rules.

Racist immigration policy. They had a cow when Trump wanted some restrictions on immigrants from some countries that had known terrorist connections.

Too funny.
Didn’t they realize that as pawns they are used?
No, Joe Biden is not honorable.
Actually, walking 1500 miles could take 100 days. And as others have said, once they get here, and get past the border, they will hide until they come out for the freebies.

Honor them by adding Kennedy to their names and move them all to Westchester County, New York.

Will Maduro be honored at Joe’s public defilement?

Socialists and socialism, pythons in Florida, Roosevelt and Hot Springs, Satan never rests.

Governor Putzker of Illinois just signed an Executive order shutting down the State until June 4th. No Spring Sports of any type – No Graduation ceremonies – No Spring School events at all. But 10,000+ illegals can march together without breaking the lockdown laws?

And the Sheep in Illinois will abide by Putzker’s rulings after seeing the illegal caravan?

Randy in Arizona | January 19, 2021 at 2:47 pm

Anyone that uses ‘Biden’ and ‘Honor’ in the same sentence without a negative adjective on the word Honor is a fool!

Don’t know who wrote the headline, but it is time to stop using the language of the left; these people are NOT “migrants”. Those that are here already without going through the immigration process and those that would try do the same are illegal aliens. Period.

    Milhouse in reply to NJ observer. | January 19, 2021 at 3:51 pm

    Don’t be stupid. They are migrants. They are moving from one place to another. That is what a migrant is. End of story.

      Milwaukee in reply to Milhouse. | January 19, 2021 at 4:49 pm

      Please, pedantic posts are preferably palatable when not petulant.
      Yes, “migrant” is a term which could describe them. However, those who have already entered the country without the courtesy of following our immigration/tourism laws are here illegally. So, while “migrant” is correct, it is seems inadequate. “illegal alien” is also correct and might be better, that is more descriptive, or the longer “migrants of illegal immigration status”, which even takes longer to say or type.

      Do recall, unless defined with care, all parallelograms are also trapezoids. Thus the trapezoid definition needs to be something like: planar quadrilateral with exactly one pair of parallel sides.

      Name calling seems self-satisfying. Surely we’re better than being surly.