ANTIFA celebrated President Joe Biden’s inauguration by vandalizing and rioting in Seattle, WA, and Portland, OR.

They do not care who is in charge in D.C. They chanted, “F*ck President Biden” as they destroyed businesses in Seattle, WA.

The only thing that has changed is the silence from the Democratic leaders even after ANTIFA vandalized the Oregon Democratic Party offices in Portland, OR.


Authorities arrested eight people for allegedly vandalizing the offices:

Eight people, ranging in age from 18 to 38, were arrested in connection with the event. The charges range from felony criminal mischief to possession of a destructive device. Various weapons were also seized, including Molotov cocktails, knives, batons, chemical spray and a crow bar, according to police.

The Democratic Party said it was disappointed ANTIFA targeted its headquarters, but that ut should “take away from the fact that today is a joyous day for America.”


Then there’s Seattle. ANTIFA vandalized and ruined the original Starbucks along with an AmazonGo store:

A group, which numbered about 100 protesters early in the evening and later dropped in size, marched through downtown and called for the abolition of Immigration and Customs Enforcement. In chants, they decried both former president Donald Trump and Biden.

Police made at least three arrests as of 9 p.m., for property damage, burglary and an assault, according to Seattle police.

Outside ICE offices on Second Avenue and Spring Street, several in the crowd lit fire to an American flag. Some spray-painted and smashed three windows at a building that houses an AmazonGo store. “Amazon uses $ 2 fund tech for ICE,” read one tag.

The locals have had enough with local officials not doing anything.

John Scholes, president of the Downtown Seattle Association, said that everything has become predictable. He also reminded the Democratic officials that these extremists are not interested in “democracy or exchange of ideas or trying to make our city better.”

“They’re bent on destroying it,” Scholes stated.

More from Q13FOX:

“I think many feel abandoned by those in city government who don’t speak out against this..the silence in some ways is deafening,” Scholes said.

Natalia Wittke, owner of Sell Your Sole Consignment, said it doesn’t matter if the businesses damaged last night are big corporations or small employers; it affects everyone.

“It affects all of our morale; it affects how we feel about the city, how we feel protected in the city,” Wittke said.

She said she loves working in Seattle. Her business is still thriving. But she’s incredibly frustrated with the state of downtown.

“Everyone has the right to protest and we should always protect that right it’s so important to speak our hearts and our minds,” said Wittke.

But she sees no logic in the destruction of property.

Here’s Mayor Jenny Durkan’s statement:

“Violent threats, vandalism, and misogynistic and homophobic hate speech are unacceptable in our community,” the spokesperson’s statement said, in part. “Mayor Durkan has consistently denounced individuals who are targeting small businesses and government facilities.”

On a National Level, Where are the Democrats and Biden?

It was easy to blame President Donald Trump, but now that ANTIFA is screaming against Biden, does it matter?

At the first debate, then-candidate Biden told moderator Chris Wallace “the violence should be prosecuted.” Wallace asked if he called Gov. Kate Brown or Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler.

Biden said he had not because did not hold public office at the time and that the two officials “can in fact take care of it if [Trump] just stays out of the way.”

So maybe it’s not shocking that Biden has not responded to the continuing violence, even though ANTIFA targeted the Democratic Party.


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