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Academics Call for Trump’s Immediate Removal From Office

Academics Call for Trump’s Immediate Removal From Office

“The President’s actions threaten American democracy”

Let’s be clear. These people never liked Trump in the first place. They are using the incident at the Capitol to justify what they have wanted all along.

The College Fix reports:

Professors, students call for Trump to be immediately removed from office

Following Wednesday’s violent conflict at the U.S. Capitol that saw a woman shot to death and several others dead of medical emergencies, teams of political science academics and students have begun circulating open letters urging President Donald Trump be immediately removed from office.

The letter from academics, initially circulated by Dartmouth Political Science Professor Brendan Nyhan, asks the administration to utilize the 25th Amendment or Congress to invoke articles of impeachment to “immediately remove President Donald J. Trump from office.”

“The President’s actions threaten American democracy,” the letter from the political scientists reads. “He has rejected the peaceful transfer of power, encouraged state legislators to overturn election results in their states, pressured a state official to change election results, and now incited a violent mob that shut down the counting of electoral votes and stormed the U.S. Capitol,” the letter reads.

“Our profession seeks to understand politics, not engage in it, but we share a commitment to democratic values,” the academics say. “The President’s actions show he is unwilling or unable to fulfill his oath to protect and defend the Constitution. He should be removed from office immediately before further violence takes place or further damage is done to our democracy,” the letter continues.

More than 1,000 political scientists have signed the letter to date.


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They’re talking out of their arse. The Looney Left “rejected the peaceful transfer of power” for four years while they bitched and moaned about Trump, engaged in delusional fantasies about “Russian collusion” and fabricated articles of impeachment, etc.

Spare me the sanctimonious BS from these useless eaters in academia.

George_Kaplan | January 13, 2021 at 2:27 am

“The President’s actions threaten American democracy” say political scientists as they blindly demand the Constitution be ignored and the duly elected president unlawfully removed from power.

The Left increasingly seems to be mouthing words with no real comprehension of what they’re saying.