Kids get vaccination cards so parents can keep track of vaccines for personal knowledge, but also for schools. It makes sense, especially when they get older and you don’t need vaccines every single yearly checkup.

Adults get to join the party with a COVID-19 vaccine, but something tells me it’s not going to be as innocent as a child’s vaccine card.

“When their next dose is due.”

The CDC website says, “All but one of the COVID-19 vaccines currently in Phase 3 clinical trials in the United States need two shots to be effective. The other COVID-19 vaccine uses one shot.”

So why does the piece of paper have more than 2 slots? We all know what it means!

“Show us your papers.”

We’re not stupid. The COVID-19 vaccine card is to show that you received your vaccine. Immunization Action Coalition’s associate director Dr. Kelly Moore insists the card is the “simplest” way for people “to keep track of Covid-19 shots.” From CNN:

“Everyone will be issued a written card that they can put in their wallet that will tell them what they had and when their next dose is due,” Moore said. “Let’s do the simple, easy thing first. Everyone’s going to get that.”

Vaccination clinics will also be reporting to their state immunization registries what vaccine was given, so that, for example, an entity could run a query if it didn’t know where a patient got a first dose.

Moore said many places are planning to ask patients to voluntarily provide a cell phone number, so they can get a text message telling them when and where their next dose is scheduled to be administered.

“Voluntarily.” Yeah, you’re not getting my cell number. I don’t need you to text me if I have a stupid card.

Slippery slope.

How much do you want to bet that Big Government will require us plebians to carry this around? How about papers for flu, pneumonia, measles, polio, DTaP, mumps, chickenpox, meningitis, etc?

My body, my choice? Nope! You want to do anything you have to get this vaccine and you have to prove it to everyone.

Gee, I wonder what will happen to a private business owner who refuses to check vaccine cards before allowing patrons into the building. We’ve seen videos of cops arresting and handing out fines to business owners who do not follow social distancing rules.

It is different if a private business owner chooses to require the card in order to enter the premises. The government should not force them.

Look, I honestly do not understand why people choose not to get vaccines. Before I got rheumatoid arthritis, Sjorgen’s, and lupus I got the flu shot every year. Of course, I didn’t last year, and I ended up with pneumonia.

HOWEVER! I can understand the hesitancy, especially since the vaccine came out in such a short time. My rheumatologist told me she won’t give me the vaccine until she knows how it affects people with autoimmune disorders. Did you know I cannot get updated on most vaccines like measles? Those contain a live virus so I would *litrally* give myself the measles since my immune system cannot fight it.

Even with tests and authorization, people (especially those in government) have to remember we are not robots. Not everyone is the same. I know there are legit reasons why people cannot take certain vaccines. Those with an egg allergy cannot have the flu shot.

I also have to say that pointing out facts does not mean we diminish or don’t care about those who passed away with COVID-19. It has a 99% survival rate. Once our immune systems have the exposure it can build antibodies and figure out ways to fight it. That does not apply to me, but you don’t see me panicking and putting my life on hold.

This is the only document you should ever need:


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