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University of Texas Names Journalism Award After Fake News Godfather Dan Rather

University of Texas Names Journalism Award After Fake News Godfather Dan Rather

“Irony is dead, buried, and cremated.”

This would be the same Dan Rather who was forced out at CBS News in 2004 for reporting fake news about George W. Bush.

FOX News reports:

University of Texas ripped as ‘Orwellian’ for naming journalism award after Dan Rather

The University of Texas was ridiculed Wednesday after its communications school announced a series of journalism awards named after disgraced former “CBS Evening News” anchor Dan Rather.

UT’s Moody College of Communication tweeted Wednesday that it was introducing “the Dan Rather Medals for News and Guts to recognize collegiate and professional journalists who overcome obstacles like stonewalling and harassment to speak truth to power.”

“Dan Rather is not only a legend — he’s the namesake of new awards honoring his career and the work of today’s journalists,” Moody College of Communication Dean Jay Bernhardt tweeted.

Rather, a Texas native, was forced out of the CBS anchor chair in 2005 after using unauthenticated documents in a 2004 report claiming that George W. Bush had gone absent without leave from the Texas Air National Guard. He has enjoyed a recent career renaissance thanks to his folksy, far-left Twitter persona and standing among media correspondents like CNN’s Brian Stelter.


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The Friendly Grizzly | December 17, 2020 at 12:30 pm

I’d turn it down. But, then again, I am not a journalist.

This award will be given (sometimes posthumously) to similar giants of journalism such as Walter Duranty and Stephen Glass.

You’d think that even when a lefty band like REM mocks you in a song that it might be lights-out time. Yo, Kenneth.

Meh. We in Arizona already have a major journalism school named after Fake News Grandfather Walter Cronkite.

It’s crazy to imagine what many of these older journalists probably got away with before the internet and in its infancy.

It will be hard to get Wifi in that building until one answers the question, “What’s the frequency Kevin?”