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Texas A&M Student Required to Meet With Conduct Office for Placing Trump Signs on Public Property

Texas A&M Student Required to Meet With Conduct Office for Placing Trump Signs on Public Property

“If he does not attend the meeting, he could face student conduct charges.”

The left wants to treat support of Trump as a crime. This never would have happened to students who supported Obama or other Democrats.

Campus Reform reports:

EXCLUSIVE: Texas A&M Students for Trump president ‘required’ to meet with ‘conduct’ office after placing Trump signs on ‘public property’

The president of Students for Trump at Texas A&M University received a letter from the Student Conduct Office requesting a meeting after he and other club members placed pro-Trump signs on “public property.”

If he does not attend the meeting, he could face student conduct charges.

Texas A&M junior and Students for Trump president Dion Okeke told Campus Reform about the events that led up to the letter he received from the Student Conduct Office.

On the eve of election night, November 2, Okeke and four Students For Trump members spent the evening placing “Trump 2020 Keep America Great” signs around campus until police officers with the University Police Department approached the students telling them “to remove the signs due to ground damage.”

After speaking with their supervisor, the university police officers gave the students “full permission to continue placing signs” according to Okeke.

“This is when a university police officer took down my number in order to later provide me with all the rules of placing signs on campus. One month later, the Texas A&M administration decided to email me regarding ‘placing signs on public property,’” Okeke said.

Okeke received a letter via email from Student Code of Conduct Office Assistant Coordinator Jessica Welsch after information was “forwarded” to her office about “placing signs on public property on or about November 2, 2020.”


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The Friendly Grizzly | December 6, 2020 at 2:55 pm

I’d tell them to perform anatomically difficult acts on themselves.

Reading this makes me speculate about what would transpire if the young man showed up with an attorney:

Conduct Official – You don’t need an attorney.

Student – I absolutely will not attend a disciplinary meeting without an attorney present to ensure my rights are protected.

Conduct Official – This isn’t a disciplinary meeting.

Student – I was threatened with disciplinary action if I didn’t appear in answer to your summons.

Conduct Official – Well, we certainly don’t intend to violate any of your rights.

Student – Then why do you object to the presence of my attorney? What actions are you planning that you don’t want my attorney to witness? Or did you summon me here under threat of disciplinary action simply in an attempt to intimidate me in retaliation for engaging in a Constitutionally protected activity?

    OTOH, there is the prospect of transferring to a respectable college and expunging A&M from your resume. Nobody has to know about A&M if you don’t tell them 🙂

    Texas has been a major septic field of socialism for a very long time.

      Idonttweet in reply to NotKennedy. | December 7, 2020 at 8:44 am

      Or, when they’re in the right, people can stop shrugging their shoulders and walking away and stand up to these petty tyrants. These little Napoleons just get more and more emboldened and brazen every time people simply back down and acquiesce to their dictatorial attempts to control other people’s lives.