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Students at U. Ottawa Hold Sit-in to Demand Concrete Action on Racism

Students at U. Ottawa Hold Sit-in to Demand Concrete Action on Racism

“The activists issued eight demands”

Their demands include the creation of an anti-racism office at the school and a mandatory anti-racism course.

The College Fix reports:

U. Ottawa students hold sit-in protest for ‘concrete’ action on racism

Students at the University of Ottawa are on day five of a sit-in protest outside of President Jacques Frémont’s office, and they hope it will force school officials to take “concrete” action against anti-black racism.

Black Student Leaders’ co-President Yanaminah Thullah told the Toronto Star the activists “want deadlines and concrete items of action,” not just “token consultations.”

Most recently, students were miffed that a professor used the N-word (in an academic context) back in October, and then at Frémont’s and other UO officials’ refusal to condemn not only the professor, but the 34 colleagues who wrote a letter supporting her.

Thullah complained that the UO Action Committee on Anti-Racism and Inclusion was established without student input, and when the committee did seek out student ideas, “the way [it] was being executed was not sustainable for all racialized students.”

The Ottawa Citizen reports the activists do not recognize the committee’s “legitimacy.”

The activists issued eight demands “to foster a more inclusive environment for racialized students” at UO, including

— The introduction of an anti-racism office at the university and autonomy for the human rights department.

— A Black, Indigenous and People of Colour anti-racism officer at the executive level, with their own staff and funds.

— The implementation of a mandatory anti-racism course for all undergraduate students.

— Calling for the university administration to commit to hiring Black professors who specialize in Critical Race Theory, and adjacent specializations.


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Routine virtue signaling.

They need an administrator with a spine, for example, Dean T. F. Grizzly, whom I quote:

Dear Privileged Students:



Dean T F Grizzly

    The Friendly Grizzly in reply to OldProf2. | December 12, 2020 at 2:22 pm

    Were Dean Grizzly able to do so, the grievance studies and other Styrofoam majors would be shut down. That, I am sure would get rid of virtually all of the sniveling and moaning.

      There wouldn’t be anything left. While not quite as odious as Carleton U., U of O is almost entirely Useless Studies departments.

      These antics always amuse me. Canada never had any institutionalized slavery. Less than 4% of our population is black. People respond to these claims mostly with bemusement. During the big BLM marches in Toronto earlier this year I asked a number of marchers to name the last six black people killed in a police confrontation. The cognitive dissonance was epic.

“Black, Indigenous, People of Color” (or BIPOC) is the SJW buzzword of the year as far as I’m concerned…

The Friendly Grizzly | December 13, 2020 at 1:17 pm

Concrete action: drop a pallet-load of cinder blocks on their heads.