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Professor at St. Olaf College Echoes Call for School to ‘Repent’ for Systemic Racism

Professor at St. Olaf College Echoes Call for School to ‘Repent’ for Systemic Racism

“white supremacy doesn’t need active racists to function”

Longtime Legal Insurrection readers may remember St. Olaf College as the site of a 2017 race hoax which prompted lists of demands from the very people who perpetrated the hoax.

Campus Reform reports:

St. Olaf prof echoes call for school to ‘repent’ of systemic racism

The director of St. Olaf College’s Lutheran Center for Faith, Values, and Community echoed a call for the school to “repent” of systemic racism.

Deanna Thompson wrote an article for the Minnesota school’s blog entitled “Uncomfortable Grace: Drawing on St. Olaf’s Lutheran Identity to Guide Our Path to Anti-Racism,” in which she argued that “racism is embedded deep within institutions across the United States, including St. Olaf College.”

To support her argument, she paraphrased Lutheran pastor Lenny Duncan, who visited the college in February.

“Rev. Duncan called on St. Olaf, in good Lutheran fashion, to name the evil in our midst and to confess and repent for the harm that’s been perpetuated through the systemic racism that exists on our campus,” wrote Thompson. “While many of us who are White may not see ourselves as agents of racism that harms people of color within and beyond the St. Olaf community, Rev. Duncan helps us understand that ‘white supremacy doesn’t need active racists to function.’”

Thompson argued that St. Olaf College, which is affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, should stand upon the “Lutheran intellectual tradition” while seeking to remain “open to insights from other religious and secular traditions.”


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The Friendly Grizzly | December 23, 2020 at 11:50 am

If the esteemed Mzzzzz Thompson is white, I think she needs to set an example by committing suicide. This removes a white from the problem. Right?

SeekingRationalThought | December 23, 2020 at 12:10 pm

Again, St. Olaf proves it is no longer an academic institution.

The Evangelicals are Lutheran in name only–they are very liberal so I’m not surprised by this.

Such virtue-signaling is now considered de rigueur among the left-wing literati. It is a cheap bid to conform to the groupthink and avoid the wrath of the progressive Mob. It costs them nothing and signifies nothing.

“Saint Olaf.”
I simply couldn’t write a comment wittier than the one that just writes itself.

So “white supremacy” is something that just happens without anybody doing it? Wow, that’s some powerful stuff. Of course, if “white supremacy” is bad, a proposition for which they offer no facts, then isn’t black, japanese, chinese, or arab supremacy also bad?

Anti-racism is just … racism of a different color.

and the inmates are running the institution