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Northwestern Prof Says Unfounded #MeToo Accusations Destroyed His Life

Northwestern Prof Says Unfounded #MeToo Accusations Destroyed His Life

“Cancel culture is a phrase but what happens to the real people who are canceled?”

Students are not the only ones on campus who are sometimes deprived of due process.

The New York Post reports:

Northwestern professor Alec Klein: ‘Unfounded #MeToo accusations destroyed my life’

When college professor Alec Klein learned that accusations of sexual harassment and bullying against him had gone public, he curled up in a fetal position in a darkened room in his home in Glencoe, Ill.

“I understood there was nothing I could do about what was happening,” Klein, 53, writes in his new memoir, “Aftermath: When It Felt Like Life Was Over” (Fidelis Books), out now.

“I was a realist. My life was destroyed … The pain was particularly excruciating because I wasn’t driven by things like money and glory; what I did mattered. It was who I was.”

In March 2018, Klein officially landed in the crosshairs of the #MeToo movement. He was — unfairly, he says — accused of sexual misconduct by students and staffers at Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism, where he had taught for almost 10 years and where, he said, he had received only stellar evaluations from his students.

After resigning under pressure from the school where he led the Medill Justice Project for 7 years, Klein said he “lost everything.”

Once a Washington Post reporter and Pulitzer Prize nominee who had investigated cases of people wrongfully accused of crimes, Klein said he suddenly became the kind of person he used to write about.

“Cancel culture is a phrase but what happens to the real people who are canceled?” Klein asked The Post. “Even very high-profile individuals have for the most part just up and disappeared. It’s dangerous. Anyone can get canceled over anything. It’s the weaponization of the Internet and it’s scary.”


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I’m afraid cancel culture will end only when most of the cancellers have been cancelled themselves. May it happen soon!

We need to return teeth to our neutered slander and libel laws. When the cancellers start doing prison time, this garbage will stop.

So what is he going to do about it? His life wouldn’t be over if he’d join the people who never supported cancel culture.

But they are probably conservatives who, although they believe in justice in their bones, never worked for anything called a “justice project”.

First of all, I don’t believe in or support cancel culture, and I feel very sorry for anyone who is the victim of it. Having said that, however, did the good professor stand up and speak out against it when others were being targeted and victimized? I very much doubt it. Most liberals are perfectly fine with others being destroyed, but when it comes to them, then it’s somehow more unfair.