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MSNBC’s Joy Reid to Teach Journalism Course at Howard University

MSNBC’s Joy Reid to Teach Journalism Course at Howard University

“teaching a course on the impact of race and gender on political coverage”

Joy Reid got caught making homophobic comments on her old blog, but the campus cancel culture mob will never come for her and she knows it.

Campus Reform reports:

MSNBC host Joy Reid lands journalism teaching gig

MSNBC host Joy Reid will join Howard University in Washington, D.C. as a visiting professor and teach a class called “Covering Race, Gender & Politics in the Digital Age.”

According to Howard University, Reid will work in the Department of Media, Journalism and Film in the Cathy Hughes School of Communications as a Hearst Visiting Professor. She will teach a class in the spring 2021 semester for juniors and seniors studying journalism.

Reid said she is “so excited to be the incoming Hearst Visiting Professor at Howard University, teaching a course on the impact of race and gender on political coverage.”

“Particularly in this era of virtual media, and deep partisanship and political division, it’s never been more important that journalists incorporate a thorough and honest historical context in our coverage,” she added.

Reid’s class will “introduce students to concepts of political media coverage, focused on issues of race and gender, and discuss how those topics land in today’s increasingly ideologically siloed, digitally influenced newsroom.”

Specifically, the class will cover the “racial roots of journalistic objectivity vs. fairness” and “digital disinformation and Black voters.” Howard University adds that the course comes in the wake of a historic election, meaning that journalists are “more needed than ever.”

Why don’t they have her teach brain surgery? She knows as much about that as she does about journalism.


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Structural Engineering.

Shouldn’t she have to take the class first?

After ‘Barack Hussein Obama’ became presidential material, the bar was lowered down enough for Reid to be on tv. Or teach. Or teach gym.

It’s over, folks. The inertia is too strong. We have to go our own way, and be sure we’re not followed into our new nation by shit like Reid. Or Obama. Or Romney. Or — well, you get it.

My mistake. I thought you needed to at least be trained as a journalist to teach the subject.

Joy Reid a professor in college?

I don’t know whether to laugh or throw up.