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Moderna’s COVID-19 Vaccine Rated ‘Highly Effective,’ Clearing Final Hurdle for FDA Emergency Use Authorization

Moderna’s COVID-19 Vaccine Rated ‘Highly Effective,’ Clearing Final Hurdle for FDA Emergency Use Authorization

No matter how successful the vaccination program is, Americans are justifiably worried that governments will try to keep their expansive new pandemic powers.

The second promising coronavirus vaccine from Moderna has tested 94 percent effective at preventing symptomatic illness and appears to prevent the spread of the virus as well. It looks like all systems are go for FDA “emergency use” approval by the end of the week.

The high efficacy of the Moderna vaccine was noted after two doses given 28 days apart. This is about the same level of effectiveness as the Pfizer vaccine.

But there is also evidence suggesting that just one dose of Moderna’s may stop the virus’s spread. A second document published on the FDA website Tuesday shows asymptomatic infection was reduced by 63 percent after the first shot.

More data are needed to fully understand that finding.

“We’re holding our breath,” said Dr. William Schaffner, an infectious disease expert at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, Tennessee.

“If we also reduce transmission — make people much less apt to be contagious — as well as protecting them from serious disease, that would be a double bonus,” Schaffner, who is not involved with the Moderna vaccine research, said.

Vice President Mike Pence will publicly receive a Covid-19 vaccine, also by the end of this week.

Pence, who is the head of the White House coronavirus task force, is hoping to “promote the safety and efficacy of the vaccine and build confidence among the American people,” the White House said in a statement on Wednesday.

His wife, Karen Pence, and Surgeon General Jerome Adams will receive the vaccine at Friday’s event, set to take place at the White House.

Biden is slated to have one the following week.

Meanwhile, vaccinations with the Pfizer vaccine are continuing, but some issues have been reported. In California, the delivery of the coronavirus vaccine was delayed by authorities…impacting tens of thousands of doses.

The first shipment of the coronavirus vaccine to Seton Medical Center, in Daly City, was held up by state officials while crates full of vials for two other medical facilities in California were sent back after they were stored at the wrong temperature, medical officials said Wednesday.

A crate with 975 vaccine vials that were supposed to go to Seton was held up because state regulators had not yet signed off on their delivery to the 357-bed hospital, according to officials at San Mateo Medical Center, where the shipment was being stored Wednesday. Each vial contains five doses of vaccine.

The delay came at about the same time federal officials were ordering shipments to two unspecified California care facilities sent back to the manufacturer because they were stored at lower temperatures than recommended.

The problems came as tens of thousands of doses of the vaccine developed by Pfizer and BioNTech were delivered around the country this week.

A healthcare worker in Alaska was reported to have an allergic reaction.

The health care worker, who was identified as a middle-aged woman, had an allergic reaction that included flushing and shortness of breath within 10 minutes of receiving the first of Pfizer’s two-dose jab on Tuesday.

She was still being observed in Bartlett Hospital’s foyer at the time of the incident.

Perhaps, it is most troubling that there are signs that mask mandates will not be removed once vaccinations are widely distributed. For example, Dr. Jason McKnight, a primary care physician at Texas A&M University, insists that vaccinated people should still wear masks because the vaccine isn’t 100% effective.

It will likely be the continued recommendation that everyone wear a mask when in public even after receiving the vaccination for COVID-19. While these vaccines appear to be highly effective in preventing infection from the disease, even at 95% efficacy, that means approximately 5% of people receiving the vaccination may still become infected. Wearing a mask helps decrease the transmission of the virus in those situations in which the vaccine does not prevent the illness.

Further, continuing to wear a mask may help prevent the spread of other respiratory illnesses, which can help prevent overwhelming the health care system, as we are already seeing during the pandemic.

So it is little wonder that according to a new Just the News Daily Poll with Scott Rasmussen, a majority of registered U.S. voters are worried that government officials in the U.S. will retain their newly claimed expansive powers following the end of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sixty-two percent of the respondents said they were somewhat or very worried about American governments holding onto their pandemic powers after the health crisis finally subsides. Just 32% were unconcerned with that prospect.

U.S. governments at all levels have claimed for themselves considerable powers related to the COVID-19 pandemic over 2020, including the power to shut down what they deem “non-essential” businesses, the power to mandate face coverings in most public settings, and even far-reaching regulations on religious life and worship.


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Brave Sir Robbin | December 17, 2020 at 11:41 am

If COVID goes away, then Climate Change is an existential threat that will require extreme intervention and control of the population. They are talking about making you eat bugs. Also, guns seem not to be a public health crisis. They must also be suppressed.

They have tasted the joys of power. We will need to force them to give it up.

    Yep that has been my prediction too. In fact the Governor of Oregon has already declared a climate change emergency. Fortunately, she is too busy issuing dictates regarding Covid, and trying to figure out how to plug the next biennium budget hole. Raising a billion dollars in taxes last time wasn’t enough. Who knew, fortunately marijuana use has skyrocketed which yielded about $300. Now that Oregon has essentially legalized addictive narcotics this might be another lucrative revenue generator. I wonder how the Mexican cartels will feel about Oregon competing with them.

      Exactly what narcotics has Oregon legalized?

        lichau in reply to tom. | December 17, 2020 at 6:00 pm

        Technically, they “decriminalized”. i.e, you get a ticket as opposed to arrested. Distinction without a difference, IMO, but maybe it matters to you. I am sure those cops dodging bricks in Portland are going to be out writing $100 tickets for LSD.

        Oregonians have approved Measure 110, which decriminalizes possession of small amounts of heroin, cocaine, LSD, oxycodone and some other drugs, according to the Associated Press.

        The approved measure makes Oregon the first state in the nation to decriminalize hard drugs, along with the legalization of therapeutic use of psilocybin mushrooms.

    Well the bug eating talk is an option but in reality milder social change would be more effective. Having reduced meat portions, changing your car to something more economical and less flying are examples. The forced bug eating would only happen if nothing is done now. Which is kinda the point. The longer you wait to resolve the issue the worse the solution.

      So, let’s see, Trump is the devil incarnate for seeking legal remedy to an election he (and tens of millions of others, including myself) find suspect, and we need to eat less meat, drive “economical” cars, and not fly as much because climate change. But yeah, you’re not a leftie.

      Oh, and forced bug eating is totes on the table if we fail to act on a non-issue we keep hearing is going to kill the planet in 20, 12, 10 years. According to Al ‘we only have 10 years’ Gore’s bit of 2006 wisdom, the entire planet is already destroyed and human beings are extinct. We were promised a “mass extinction event” by . . . 1995. Ooh, and one of my very favorites is that there would be “mass starvation” . . . by 1975. How gullible do you have to be to fall for these doomsday eco-prophets’ drivel when it’s been proven wrong again and again. And again.

      I remember when they stopped making anything aerosol because the planet was cooling at such a rapid rate that we were all sure to be extinct in a decade if we didn’t stop using Aquanet hairspray (this was the ’80’s, yet here we are in 2020). Slowly, though, companies started making aerosols again, all the eco-freaks pretended not to notice, and in short order, aerosols were (again) prolific.

      Then the planet wasn’t cooling anymore, now it was warming, so we had “global warning” as the horror story for a few years. Until data started showing that the earth is actually cooling. Then we got the all-encompassing “climate change” which is just as much bunk, or really more so because it’s so open-ended (warming? check. cooling? check.), as all the others. These climate fads mean something to the idiots who believe it (the climate activists on the ground, for example, and apparently to you), but for the ruling classes (the people who actually run the eco-fascist orgs, politicians, et al.), it’s all about power and money. Always has been, always will be.

      The clock is ticking on AOC’s 12-years until the world ends scare-mongering, and I can’t wait to see how that turns out. She’s surely the one who knows all about “climate change” and the end of the world and all that other stuff you learn while tending bar and being a politician.

So much for all the naive fools who thought they were going to go back to “normal” life if they complied with getting vaxxed. We’ve been telling you for some time that “what’s the big deal – it’s just a mask” is a slippery slope. They have NO INTENTION of leaving you alone. They will dictate every facet of your life, from where you will live and work (if you will live and/or work) to what you will eat, what you will do with your free time, and even what kind of underwear you’ll be allowed to have.

“You’ll own nothing – and you’ll be happy.”

NOW is the time to resist. It won’t get any easier, I promise you.

    Yep,they have to pack the Supreme Court to take your guns and free speech away.

      Joe-dallas in reply to rightway. | December 17, 2020 at 1:57 pm

      “Yep,they have to pack the Supreme Court to take your guns and free speech away.”

      I would say there is no reason to pack the court as long as roberts is there.
      Though fortunately, ACB is there to make it 5-4 inspite of roberts.

      Lets just hope thomas remains healthy

    Really? How do you figure that? The current public health crisis gives the governor’s leeway to impose rules. When that crisis is over the legal argument falls down. On what basis could they impose further restrictions?

      nordic_prince in reply to mark311. | December 18, 2020 at 9:16 pm

      There is no “public health crisis,” and even if there were, there is no “pandemic clause” in either the Constitution or the Bill of Rights.

So, another vaccine for a virus which is only 3/1000% fatal across the entire population. Whew, we can all breath easily again. Everything will be back to normal. When is the question.

One more time, the covid responses had, and still have, NOTHING to do with the severity of the disease. It is all about changing society. It is a gigantic social attack upon the population of the entire world. Sounds like the plot for a conspiracy theory movie, doesn’t it? But, these draconian measures accomplish two important things: 1) it keeps the best world economy in over a decade depressed and 2) it keeps people from gathering and exchanging unfiltered ideas and information. All for “protection” from a blatantly hyped influenza virus.

So, how long will this social isolation program last? Who kows. They PTB keep moving the goal posts. First it was until we flatten the curve. Then it was until we know more about the spread of the virus. Well, all that happened and we are still facing idiotic, draconian restrictions. Then it was until we have a viable vaccine. Well, we have two of them ow and still no relief in sight. Next it will be until positive tests for exposure cease to be found. Of course, all they have to do to accomplish that is to start differentiating between evidence of exposure and actual infection and to dial back the cycles on thee current tests to real world standards which existed before COVID.

But, as none of these restrictions have anything to do with the virus itself, nothing will change. In fact, now that claims of racism, homophobia, xenophobia and misogyny have lost the impact, now people who do not wear masks will be accused of trying to kill Grandma. It is all designed to splinter the citizenry. So, the new question is, if taking a largely untested vaccine for a mild disease will not restore normalcy to society, what is the point of taking it at all? To protect yourself? That is fine. But, look for the government(s) to mandate vaccination. Just another wedge in the fabric of society.

    rightway in reply to Mac45. | December 17, 2020 at 1:30 pm

    If you read the article closely note that it mentions retaining masks to control other airborne diseases.

    Also please note that non-whites are getting priority for the vaccines. However, there is a lot of suspicion in the already paranoid black “community.” In fairness, history supports their suspicion of Govt medical bureaucrats.

    tom in reply to Mac45. | December 17, 2020 at 4:32 pm

    a million thumbs up Mac

    mark311 in reply to Mac45. | December 18, 2020 at 8:07 am

    One more time, the covid responses had, and still have, NOTHING to do with the severity of the disease. It is all about changing society. It is a gigantic social attack upon the population of the entire world. Sounds like the plot for a conspiracy theory movie, doesn’t it? But, these draconian measures accomplish two important things: 1) it keeps the best world economy in over a decade depressed and 2) it keeps people from gathering and exchanging unfiltered ideas and information. All for “protection” from a blatantly hyped influenza virus.

    I’m confused by your argument? Who do you think is responsible and what is there motive? Given the online world I’m not sure how your point 2 makes sense

“Expansive new pandemic powers.”

The ‘Get vaccinated or else’ PSA’s from Greta Scoldilocks are in production as we speak.

It’s clear that the Newsoms, Cuomos and deBlasios of the world are loving their new-found dictatorial powers. And now they know, anytime they want to do something without all the hassle of getting actual legislation passed, they will declare a health emergency. Climate change and “gun violence” are waiting in the wings as upcoming emergencies, and I wouldn’t be surprised if a new virus is waiting in a test tube somewhere.

Look, this is a nasty disease for those who contract it. It’s only very infrequently fatal unless you’re old, sick, or overweight. But it’s very contagious, and a lot of people who get it have told me that it’s substantially longer-lasting and more debilitating than influenza. I believe them, and you don’t have to risk death from a disease to not want to get it. I strongly support a vaccine, and the first two (Pfizer and Moderna) are excellent. And yes, I’m a physician, and yes, I’m getting the vaccine as soon as it’s offered.

Which does nothing to address the fact that the draconian dictates of governors and local officials are pointless medically and incredibly harmful socially and economically. The evidence is quite clear – compare South Dakota and Minnesota to understand the effect of lockdowns and mask mandates on the spread of this virus. Masks don’t appear to help much, if at all. Lockdowns as implemented are provably pointless. And with the fatigue they’re generating, they’re not going to end well anyway.

As Victor Davis Hanson reminded us elsewhere today, hubris begets nemesis, and the hubris of elected officials worldwide is stunning. It will be an interesting ride over the next few months.

    Mac45 in reply to Bartlett. | December 17, 2020 at 2:32 pm

    If you want to be vaccinated by a largely untested vaccine, that is your prerogative. Now, being a physician, you are familiar with your PDF and all of the literature on the drugs which you prescribe for various conditions. So, you are familiar with the various side affects these medications produce. And, I am sure that you conscientiously apply standards of whether the condition being treated warrants the potential detrimental side affects which may occur, before suggesting the treatment, and studiously warn the patient of the dangers so he/she can make an informed decision. The point being, given the track record of the medical community in this current pandemic, just how much should we trust any medical opinion?

    gospace in reply to Bartlett. | December 17, 2020 at 11:00 pm

    Wasn’t that way to my two sons diagnosed with it. As far as being super duper contagious- the Diamond Princess numbers told us that was a fairy tale. Have a distant cousin who I’ve never met post his experiences on Facebook. 56 years old, healthy lifestyle, not doing bad at all.

    There are several early intervention treatments now known- and when someone is diagnosed with the dreaded covid- they send them home with none of them and tell them to come back or go to the ER if it gets worse…. They don’t even bother recommending Vitamin D and zinc.

    mark311 in reply to Bartlett. | December 18, 2020 at 8:14 am

    The evidence globally for mask use is actually quite strong.

    If you are talking about medical grade efficy then sure you are right but in terms of preventing general transmission in combination with social distancing then no you are wrong.

    I would suggest the USA has an issue with poor mask use, it hasn’t exactly been encouraged has it.

      nordic_prince in reply to mark311. | December 18, 2020 at 9:19 pm

      There are no RCTs that demonstrate that mask-wearing results in a statistically significant reduction in the transmission of viral infections. Mask mandates are pure political theater.

The old saying: You can vote yourself into Socialism, but you have to shoot your way out.

Those taking the vaccine are the guinea pigs. After their autoimmune diseases take hold in the winter of 21/22 and there after for another 5 or 6 years or maybe more.

Maybe they will get lucky, and this vaccine will be the first mRNA vaccine out of 40 or so that doesn’t do that.

There is some debate concerning the moral use of the new Moderna vaccine, with Catholic bioethicists divided on the extent to which material derived from an aborted child was used in its development. Stacy Trasancos of the St. Philip’s Institute in Tyler, Texas revealed in the Catholic Register in November that HEK293 cells derived from a baby aborted in were “used for spike protein and mRNA expression to develop and test the [Moderna] vaccine.”