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LA County Sheriff Says Department Won’t Enforce Governor’s Stay at Home Orders

LA County Sheriff Says Department Won’t Enforce Governor’s Stay at Home Orders

Says there was no coordination and that’s the job of the Health Department

California Governor Gavin Newsom recently announced the strictest lockdown orders yet, an announcement which caught the LA County Sheriff off-guard.

Sheriff Villanueva told local news that his department will not participate in enforcing stay at home orders saying that it’s the job of the health department and that he doesn’t want to make businesses who’ve worked hard to comply only to have the rug yanked from beneath them more “miserable.”

Like many other state and local officials, Governor Newsom is embroiled in a “do as I say, not as I do” scandal when he was caught defying his own lockdown orders to attend a 12-person dinner party.


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Thanks to Sheriff Villaneuva for a common sense response. If he is going to make an arrest for violating the order, I would hope that he would start with the governor, mayor or city council members. The biggest impact would likely come from those hypocritical leaders who demand things of the citizenry that they are perfectly fine with not applying to themselves. They are too “new” school (you know, gimme what I want when I want it and how I want it and screw you) and not enough “lead by example” (I can’t expect you to do anything that I’m not willing to do first as a role model).
Why do these people think (like the Socialists which, I believe, might be the explanation) that they can make the rules and arbitrarily exempt themselves? Reminds me of Congress where they can lie to the people with impunity and without consequence but if a citizen lies to Congress, well the criminal penalties are unfathonamable!

Dear Gov. Newsom: When LA pushes back on you, you know you’re officially a joke.

Has anyone tried selective lock downs? As in, “If you have symptoms, please stay home” instead of this draconian BS?

Anyone? Anywhere on Earth?

Just wondering.

    notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to irv. | December 4, 2020 at 4:01 pm

    Since all the DEMS and RINOS are Sick Sick Sick,

    we can start your idea with them.

notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | December 4, 2020 at 4:09 pm


The So-Called Experts Were Wrong — COVID Is Still Less Lethal than the Last Three Major US Pandemics

Maybe, just maybe, the Sheriff thinks his staff should focus on REAL criminals? HOW RADICAL!

Mask up! Don’t shoot!

At least there are a few good men out there that understood the oath they took.

Across the country, we’ve been subjected to the arbitrary edicts of those who consider themselves our betters (just ask them). Of course, they justify it by claiming “It’s for our own good.”

We’ve endured getting slapped with masks (face diapers, muzzles, whatever you want to call them) the use of which to actually prevent the spread of a virus is disputed.

We’ve endured lock-downs of varying severity, the result of which have been uniformly negative. General economic chaos, sky rocketing unemployment, businesses not arbitrarily considered “essential” by either an elected corrupt, pin-headed politician or a corrupt, un-elected, pin-headed bureaucrat, driven out of business.

We’ve seen churches and synagogues forced to shut their doors by corrupt law enforcement agencies whose members seemed to have forgotten that the oath they swore was to the Constitution and not to some mayor or governor. At the same time, strip clubs and glory holes catering to gays and transgenders are allowed to say open.

We’ve seen hairdressers and barbers harassed and arrested for not putting themselves out of business while the Speaker of the House can gallivant around her favorite beauty shop without even a mask.

We’ve seen people harassed and arrested for peacefully attending weddings or funerals in numbers some pinhead thought was too great to be safe while authorities condoned and even abetted violent protests and riots involving thousands of people burning building, looting businesses, and beating people.

The list of arbitrary and dictatorial abuses of our liberties goes on and on. The purpose, we were repeatedly told at the beginning was to “slow the spread” of the virus so as to not overwhelm the medical treatment facilities.

Has anyone bothered to ask all of these self-appointed so-called experts if all these masks, lock-downs, stay-at-home orders and other totalitarian measures were effective, why are we now experiencing an alleged surge or spike in the number of positive tests?

And if they’re not effective, why are we still doing them?

    “And if they’re not effective, why are we still doing them?..”

    Do you really need to ask that?

    We’re at the breaking point. And it’s going to break.

    Better to start negotiating the split now.

      No, I don’t really need to ask that. It was more along the lines of has anyone asked the governors and mayors why we’re still doing this if these measures don’t work? And if they do work, why are we seeing this alleged spike in positive tests?

      My wife believes, and I won’t dispute, that they’re seeing just how far they can push till we stand up to them with pitch forks and torches in hand.

        She’s absolutely right.

        The problem is, the scumbags of the GOP are content with beginning any debate at the advanced line the left has pushed to.

        The ‘line’ has to be pushed back to the beginning of where all this crap began. It will NEVER happen under the GOP leadership. NEVER.

        Just look at Barr and Sessions. These two titanic rats have made the 8 years of damage by obama PERMANENT.

        We MUST set the ‘debate’ back to where it began. Don’t count on continuing any semblance to what your way of life was in America pre-2020 unless we abandon the GOP completely and move to a new party headed by the likes of Trump.

        Sadly, I think we’re even past that point of hope, and our only hope to live free and prosper is the secede.

        The GOP got us here, so we can blame them, and all the corrupted bastards in that organization. But ultimately, we have to blame ourselves for continuing to vote for them. After Boehner, no one in his right mind could support the GOP as a party.

The LA County Board of Supervisors, LA City Council and Mayor Yoga Pants had been treating Sheriff Villanueva like a dog since he was elected. The keep him out of the loop on everything to make him look bad. He learns of these edicts on the news or if lucky.

That is the way these Communist Commissars work. They make no effort to coordinate anything with anybody. Fake Doctor Barbara Ferrer has bypassed the LA County Dept of Public Health (the medical scientists) since first being appointed and replacing them with in her Boston buddies (social “scientists”). The LACDPH department heads even wrote a formal letter of protest a few months ago which was signed by most of them.

The Fake Doctor doesn’t have any community outreach at all to ask for feedback from the business people who are being destroyed. It’s like that with everything. Falsely citing fake science to issue edicts that specifically target businesses that need permits to do business.

None of this is enforceable. The Fake Doctor doesn’t have the staff and most mayors not named Yoga Pants are rebelling.

LA County cities have begun to follow Pasadena’s lead in establishing their own health departments (if they don’t have one) to free themselves from this insanity. Even Beverly Hills. So this phase of the communist takeover is falling apart.

I predict that the next phase will involve requiring proof of vaccination to go anywhere. Imagine check points everywhere, traffic backed up for blocks at city and town lines and at state borders. No papers? Traffic fine. Will the police be enforcing that? I’m predicting that they won’t. Everything will soon be shifting to the state level with Warden Hair Gel dictating around a compliant legislature.

All of this is unconstitutional but we are at the brink of SCOTUS and everyone else sworn to an oath of allegiance washing their hands of the Constitution. Trump is the little Dutch boy with his finger in the dike. A little help please?