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House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy Demands Eric Swalwell be Cut From Intel Committee

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy Demands Eric Swalwell be Cut From Intel Committee

“One thing I know for sure — I had questions about whether he should. That’s the one question that was answered, he should not be on Intel”

Despite being allegedly compromised by a spy from China, Congressman Eric Swalwell (D-CA) is still serving on the House Intelligence Committee for some reason.

Do you think Russia-crazed Congress members like Adam Schiff or even Nancy Pelosi would allow this to go on if Swalwell was a Republican? What happened to all the concern about threats to our democracy?

Congressman Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), who is also the House Minority Leader, has now been briefed on the Swalwell situation by the FBI, and he says Swalwell needs to be removed from the Intel Committee.

Carlos Garcia writes at The Blaze:

Kevin McCarthy receives FBI briefing on Eric Swalwell’s relationship with a Chinese spy, and demands he be cut from Intel Committee

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) demanded that Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell (Calif.) be removed from the House Intelligence Committee after receiving an FBI briefing on his former relationship with a Chinese spy.

Swalwell has met with a chorus of condemnation after a report revealed that he had been in a personal relationship with a woman federal investigators believed to be a Chinese espionage agent.

The California Democrat cut ties with the woman, named Christine Fang, after receiving a “defensive briefing” by investigators in 2015.

However, Republican lawmakers and other critics of Swalwell have used the report to raise doubt about whether the congressman could be compromised by that former relationship.

McCarthy commented to reporters after the briefing:

“One thing I know for sure — I had questions about whether he should. That’s the one question that was answered, he should not be on Intel,” he said.

He also made his position clear in this tweet:

You can watch McCarthy’s comments to the press below:

Naturally, because Swalwell is a Democrat, he is getting plenty of cover from the media. The New York Times has basically blacked out the story.

Tristan Justice reports at The Federalist:

New York Times Continues Swalwell Blackout Exposing Relationship With Chinese Spy

After spending months spilling ink to delegitimize stories implicating President-elect Joe Biden in his son’s corrupt overseas business dealings, the New York Times has found a new favorite Democrat to protect.

As of this writing Monday morning, the nation’s most influential newspaper — boasting more than 7 million subscribers — has yet to dedicate a single article or news item to the compromising revelations surrounding Democratic House Intelligence Committee member Eric Swalwell cultivating a relationship with a Chinese spy…

Swalwell, a primary culprit in weaponizing his role on the Intelligence Committee to perpetuate the Russia hoax — alongside California colleague Adam Schiff, who chairs the committee — has continued to deny any wrongdoing and has reverted a favorite Democratic Party narrative of collusion accusing Trump of leaking the story to Axios.

When he’s not deflecting by trying to blame Trump, Swalwell is tweeting idiocy like this:

Democrats spent three years investigating a Russia hoax. Swalwell’s involvement with a spy from China is real. He should not be serving on the Intel Committee.


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So where you for 2 years?

The House needs to pick their battles. This is one that needs picked. The next meeting of the Intel committee should have the ranking member raise this as a requirement, and if the Dems swat it down, every single Republican on the committee should walk out, right then.

    Milhouse in reply to georgfelis. | December 22, 2020 at 6:17 pm

    “Needs picked”. Are you from Pittsburgh? Or somewhere in that region? Or is there another part of the USA where that usage is found?

And they’ll replace him with another dirtbag. F-McCarthy.

“House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy Demands Eric Swalwell be Cut From Intel Committee”


The hell with that – this idiot needs to resign. Nothing less!

The same McCarthy that had no problem voting for the porkapolooza bill last night. Another all talk politico who caves when it comes to casting a meaningful vote.

It doesn’t matter any longer. With Xiden occupying the White House the Chinese will have all the classified information they want.

Hey, Kev?

I’m absolutely positive Nanzi appreciates your opinion and will get right on it.

You are nothing but a weaselier version of your buddy Paul Ryan.

I would love to have had a seat at the frantic Democrat ass-covering ballet if the spy had been a Kristina Fanin instead of a Christine Fang.

What the uniparty does in response to these revelations are just as important to show We the People as exposing the actual offenses. difi handled by a Chinese spy for 20 years. Repercussions? Nothing (yet). hillary getting US espionage assets in China killed/arrested. Crickets (so far). bill clinton selling US missile technology to the chicoms? Nothing to see there, move along. swallwell getting honeypotted is minor league stuff compared to what many of these corrupt politicians have done. pelosi may have even set swallwell up with fang fang since her family has collected millions of dollars from the Chinese communist party. Many of our politicians have been bought or compromised by the ccp, there is no longer any doubt. Silence from the uniparty on such matters should tell everyone everything they need to know.

If Swalwell was as dedicated to and loved his country as much as Fang Fang loves her country there would be no problem.

Now that the Vendidos (Biden) family is in charge Rep. Swalwell is no longer key to the CHICOMS plans. As the old Chinese proverb says: “Man who loses old key gets no new key.” So sad.

Oh, if he would have had Jesus in his heart he would have kept Peter in his pants!

Comanche Voter | December 22, 2020 at 9:33 pm

Sum Ting Wong with this smarmy little shmuck who thinks with his putz. He doesn’t belong on an Intelligence Committee; Intelligence is one thing he’s lacking.