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Georgetown Prof Says Critical Race Theory is Poisoning America

Georgetown Prof Says Critical Race Theory is Poisoning America

“What does this identity politics madness from the left really teach?”

This takes real courage for people who work in higher education. Have people finally had enough?

From the New York Post:

How the explosion in critical race theory is poisoning America

How likely are we to heal our country’s wounds if we divide our fellow citizens into “white people” who are stained, and “people of color” who are innocent and pure? This ghastly enterprise is being undertaken by the left in America today.

White employees go to work and are compelled to sit through Diversity, Equity and Inclusion humiliation sessions, which inform them that they are frauds whose success has been purchased by the suffering of non-whites. White government employees, thinking that their task is to work for the good of the entire body politic, are forced to attend Critical Race Theory workshops where they learn there is no body politic at all, only impure white people who collectively conspire to violate innocent people of color everywhere, using the power of the state to do so.

As journalist Christopher Rufo has disclosed, NASA, the national agency charged with getting Americans to the moon, Mars and beyond, has spent over $500,000 for “Power and Privilege” sexual orientation workshops. On the Upper West Side, white parents open school newsletters and are told by woke educational administrators that their children might well be future “killer cops,” intent on snuffing out the lives of people of color, as television personality Megyn Kelly recently discovered.

What does this identity politics madness from the left really teach? First, you are not a person, unique and precious, worthy of dignified treatment under the law, and also held accountable by law. Second, whatever you might think about who you are, the only thing that matters is whether you are a person of color or white — in other words, pure or impure.


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Speaking the truth from within a university is a dangerous action. He has more courage than I did. I hope he has:
1. Tenure
2. A great lawyer
3. Another job waiting for him
4. Good homeowner’s insurance for Antifa vandalism
5. An AR-15 to keep Antifa from burning down his house.

BLM is only a negative message, evil content and does nothing for black people. Nothing of value derives or inures to the participants. To the contrary, BLM has brought out the worst of virtue signaling mindless liberals with placards on their tidy-caucasian-lawns to help the “birds of a feather, flock together”.

A shameless group of miscreants if ever there were.

Appalling, of course, but no mention of the Georgetown prof. I’d be interested in a name.

“Georgetown Prof Says Critical Race Theory is Poisoning America”

And that, of course, is the goal.