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Debra Messing Hopes Donald Trump is Gang Raped in Prison

Debra Messing Hopes Donald Trump is Gang Raped in Prison

“Homophobic or just a slap in the face to r*pe victims? So much for the #MeToo movement.”

It’s a day that ends in -y so you know what that means! A leftist Hollywood actor said something horrible about President Donald Trump or conservatives.

None other than good old Debra Messing blessing our timelines with a wish that Trump becomes “the most popular boyfriend to all the inmates” in prison.

Homophobic much? Oh, she claims to be a gay ally. I guarantee you if she said this about a liberal left would eat her alive.

Messing tried to clarify her statement but only made it worse.

Yeah, no one fell for it.


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I would leave these type stories to Breitbart. This is beneath Legal Insurection.

    The Friendly Grizzly in reply to Dr.Dave. | December 14, 2020 at 5:24 pm

    I agree 109%. This is Breitbart, Daily Kos, or Entertainment Tonight.

    Yeah- I come to LI for news and Alysa Milano, Cher or any other broom riding liberal shouting incoherent hate is not news.

      Andy in reply to Andy. | December 14, 2020 at 5:59 pm

      Kathy Griffin… list goes on.

      For my new side thing of watching Critical Drinker- there is an angle of exploring how deep the institutionalized hate goes when it comes to entertainment, but no one really cares about these angry hags hitting menopause and spewing their venom.

      Same goes for Stephen King types too.

    healthguyfsu in reply to Dr.Dave. | December 14, 2020 at 7:46 pm

    I disagree. I am a non-participant in the twitterverse (aka the cesspool), so I appreciate the heads-up on who I should avoid supporting with any of my purchases or entertainment choices.

    It truly is amazing how ignorant and deluded this woman is, and how eager she is to show it.

    We need to leave these types behind.

      I had an evening to think about this post and this woman. I previously noted how ignorant and deluded this woman is, and how eager she is to show it.

      I now realize I was being generous.

      Can you imagine this harpy in your personal life????????????

    Dliefsarb Yrral in reply to Dr.Dave. | December 15, 2020 at 2:14 pm

    I would agree that focus upon low-lifes such as D.Messing should not be the usual fare here, where ideas are explored. However, we should not forget that, as much as they proclaim otherwise, our would-be betters are awful people who should be kept from power. The dead murdered by one Leftist tyranny after another speak to the black hearts of Leftists past; gems such as D.Messing speak to the black hearts of Leftists today.

No question that she would have been a feld hure for the Greeks and not have been a Maccabee

What was that you were saying about the milk of human kindness and liberals’ respect for the humanity of other people, and their insistence that we be tolerant of others?

Heard on radio cable Democrats Propaganda Ministry clips wanting the gulags to open up.
Know Leftists are evil and leave it at that.

She needs help. Lots of it.

They are all lovers, aren’t they?

Wasn’t Debra Messing popular in the 1990s? Twitter gives every washed up actor a platform to polute the culture well passed the sell by date.

I had to do a web search on her. I had not heard of this vile piece of trash before.

Who? Perhaps I’m showing my age, but who the heck is she and why should I care if she has a random thought? I do agree that “Know Your Enemy” is a good idea, so if she speaks for the Socialist/Communist Party then we should take notice of what she says, whoever she might be.

In the words of Peter from Family Guy… “Who the hell cares?”

Trump announces Barr is out!

hell she’ll be on a street corners sooner or later! China is turning its back on Hollywierd now…

TennesseeRedDog | December 14, 2020 at 6:23 pm


If you made a similar comment about Messing, you’d get banned from pretty much anywhere.

TennesseeRedDog | December 14, 2020 at 6:34 pm

So he needs to be gang raped for what exactly?

Bringing troops home
Opposing CCP indusyrial, military and intellectual property theft
Stopping endless wars
Crushing ISIS
Repatriated trillions of dollars in corporate RE back home
Record high economic growth
Record high employment for minorities
Tax and regulatory reform
Prison reform
Busting Big Pharma
Cramping the Military Industrial Complex
Energy independence at low prices
Four major peace treaties in the Middle East…?

Oh wait, he’s a misogynistic pig. Every male Democrat is guilty of that.

If this does not work for getting attention, she can come out as a gay colored trans-man who has an attraction to lesbian dolphins. She will be considered brave for helping to lead others, who have been forced to suppressed their dolphin feelings, by right wing bible thumpers in Red America.

Such a wonderful human being..

The comment shows that she’s a diabolical narcissist. Why would any caring person wish this sort of thing on their enemy?

As a woman of the Jewish faith, even marginally, Ms. Messing should be particularly sensitive to notions of sexual humiliation torture. Does she not remember the German unpleasantness of the 1940s?

IMHO: this is a woman who is in desperate need of professional help. It is a shame that we closed all the sanitoria.

Hmmm the name sounds familiar. She must be one of the reasons I no longer have broadcast or cable television.

I hate it when they call them “stars.” More like jesters, play acting like children and spewing stupidity when they need attention. Debra who?

FWIW, my favorite Debra Messing scene is in the Seinfeld “anti-dentite” episode when she jokes about “the blacks and the Jews” and Jerry promptly hauls her out of the church and kicks her to the curb.

In Messing’s case, life truly imitates art.

Headline: Low talent C lister, approaching fossilhood seeks relevance.

Prediction: this mental patient will off herself eventually.

She’s the lowest form of detritus.

Unfortunately there are commenters here on LI who also think such jokes are appropriate, and the moderators have to keep deleting them.

“Homophobic” isn’t the first word that comes to mind, “misandrist” is. Not just because she wouldn’t make such a threat to a woman but because rape is a problem in prison only because the guards don’t do their job and nobody cares to make them. A single woman in a women’s prison gets raped (usually by other women not the guards) and its a major scandal, yet tens of thousands of men get raped in prison and they aren’t even part of official rape statistics let alone deemed worthy enough to give a damn about.