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Columbia Law School Hires Former FBI Director James Comey

Columbia Law School Hires Former FBI Director James Comey

“Comey’s experience represents a broadening of the Mark Initiative’s focus to include leadership of major public institutions”

Harvard hired Pete Buttigieg’s husband, UPenn hired Trump impeachment witness Alex Vindman, and now this. Noticing a trend?

The Hill reports:

Comey to teach at Columbia Law School

Former FBI Director James Comey will begin teaching at Columbia Law School next year.

The school announced on Tuesday that Comey will be a senior research scholar and part of the Reuben Mark Initiative for Organizational Character and Leadership beginning in January. He will also lead a seminar called “Lawyers and Leaders,” according to its website.

Comey will take on a role as one of two “Leaders-in-Residence” through the Mark Initiative’s Leader-in-Residence Program, which invites executives from government agencies, corporations and top law firms to teach classes at Columbia and share their professional experience with students through advising and engaging in other programing at the school.

“Comey’s experience represents a broadening of the Mark Initiative’s focus to include leadership of major public institutions, complementing existing offerings relating to corporations and law firms,” the school stated in a release.


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Fraud and Deceit, POL 101?

The other leader-in-residence will be a mafia executive, one can assume, to keep things on an equal moral footing?

I think I need to claim shell shock here. My brain continually read “Leader-in-Residence” as “Leader-in-Resistance.”

That a man whose entire career has been one of continuing fraud and dishonesty has been hired by Columbia University is no surprise given that Columbia;’s own president Lee Bollinger is one of the worst examples of academic scum.

So Columbia hires Comey to teach law-the man who oversaw the whitewash of Hillary Clinton’s slam dunk email case, the man who oversaw the Trumped-up Russian collusion case against Trump, and the man who signed off on the FISA warrant on Carter Paige based on the Russian Dossier? What a law school.

It would be interesting to hear, live, Reuben Mark’s honest opinion of this appointment; I doubt we ever will. In the final analysis a leader is measured by those he attracts as followers and what they do. By this measure Comey was indeed a leader. It would be good to know, if disappointing, that Mark’s loyalty to the organization to which he has lent his name overrode his opinion of the appointment in this case, demonstrating a serious flaw in Mark’s own judgement and leadership.

Connivin Caniff | December 6, 2020 at 9:58 am

You guys are all wrong. Comey will be a great professor. He will teach his willing, larval stage leftists all the valuable tricks, devices and guises necessary for success in the Swamp: Priceless, and well worth having to endure that bumptious, lugubrious face for a semester.

    He certainly will be an effective and popular, if measured by the sub-Hades standards that have been set by “law” schools over the last 50 years. The STENCH just gets worse and worse.