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Chancellor of UNC-Wilmington Censured by Faculty Senate for Lacking Empathy on Racial Justice

Chancellor of UNC-Wilmington Censured by Faculty Senate for Lacking Empathy on Racial Justice

“demonstrated a lack of leadership on the matter of Diversity and Inclusion”

Have you noticed that the people who embrace diversity and inclusion have a habit of excluding people who don’t play along?

The College Fix reports:

UNC Wilmington Faculty Senate censures chancellor for ‘lack of empathy’ on racial justice

The University of North Carolina Wilmington Faculty Senate voted last week to censure Chancellor José Sartarelli for, among other things, not showing enough “empathy” for the cause of racial justice.

The December 8 vote was 51 in support of censure, and 20 against.

As reported by WECT, Faculty Senate President Nathaniel Grove, a chemistry professor, noted the reasons for the “yes” vote:

1. The Chancellor initially refused to support a global social movement supporting the liberty and human rights of Black people;

2. The Chancellor demonstrated a lack of leadership on the matter of Diversity and Inclusion prior to student and public demands to do so during the Summer 2020;

3. The Chancellor demonstrates a lack of empathy towards faculty, student and staff concerns about racial justice, and a lack of appreciation for the role of UNCW in strengthening democratic society.

Grove’s statement also says Sartarelli has “egregiously failed” in supporting the university’s values of “Diversity, Community Engagement, and Integrity,” “violated” the faculty’s trust and “dishonored” the school.


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Q: What’s the difference between UNC Wilmington and a North Korean university?

A: There’s more academic freedom and tolerance of dissenting views at the North Korean institution.

I had never heard of this Grove person who wrote the diatribe against Sartarelli. He’s supposed to be a chemistry professor, but he’s actually in education, not chemistry. As far as I can tell, he’s never published anything that actually covers new chemistry. See for yourself:

Here is his thesis title, from Miami of Ohio: “A Change in Structure: Meaningful learning and cognitive development in a spiral, organic chemistry curriculum.” The places where I’ve gone and taught never would have called this a Chemistry thesis. It would have gone in the Education Department.

Anyone who would publish a paper with the title “Exploring the relationship between epistemological development and metacognitive ability” is no chemist in my book. His vicious attack on someone who simply doesn’t adhere to the Social Justice Groupthink is totally unscientific, and he has no business calling himself a scientist.

    The Friendly Grizzly in reply to OldProf2. | December 14, 2020 at 3:35 pm

    spiral, organic chemistry curriculum

    As oppsed to Crinkle Cut, Cottage, Hash, or tater-tot organic chemistry curriculum?

    Where do these people come up with this nonsense!

The Friendly Grizzly | December 14, 2020 at 3:33 pm

Dear Faculty Senate:

You are free to resign.

Chancellor T F Grizzly

/regular readers knew this was coming…

This is the same craphole place that killed Mike Adams, who didn’t kill himself any more than Epstein did.

I went to UNCWonderful/UNC by the sea in 1973. I didn’t last very long (too lazy and too busy partying). It wasn’t a bad place then. I hate seeing that it’s just another woke school now.