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Branco Cartoon – Wrecking Ball

Branco Cartoon – Wrecking Ball


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Spot on! Thanks, A.F.

In the passenger seat of the wrecker should be an elephant.

The GOP is just as complicit.

Be ready to abandon n the GOP and join and fund the MAGA party.

Mark Quatrain | December 7, 2020 at 6:41 pm

Because taking a lame jab at the Dems is so much more important than honoring our veterans’ sacrifice on Pearl Harbor Day. Nice priorities, Branco.

    Mr. Branco is a cartoonist. He paints a love for this country in a profound way. Do you really believe he is one who disparages our history because of his mockery of the Democrats? I’m sure he’s well aware of December 7th and the significance of Pearl Harbor. You just think that his priority at the time was misguided? Just saying. Hopefully I’m not being presumptuous.

Mr. Branco, you continue to be an absolute political genius with the pictures you paint. You beautifully capture the current moment in the political world like none other. I love your work as it makes me smile with relish because you mock those who deserve and need to be mocked. God bless you sir.