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Branco Cartoon – Faker

Branco Cartoon – Faker

Empty Suit

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Yep. They’ll give Biden all the credit if it’s successful but blame any problems on Trump.
I can’t believe half of our population are truly that malevolent.

I’m glad I’mnrto the only one the sees BUYden saying METOO on everything Trumps done on this so far.

Brilliant. Thank you!

Well, plagiarism is one of Dementia Joe the communist pedophile’s few talents.

I predict that on 1/20/21 that people will once again start to die of their co-morbidities and not WuFlu. As my old mentor put it, every miracle cure begins with a misdiagnosis.

Branco, I would love to see a cartoon of a long line of sickly looking senior citizens waiting in line for their vaccine with Sleepy Joe standing next to the line yelling, “Me first, me first, me first! Come on, man!!”