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Border Official Warns of ‘Full-Blown Crisis’ as Illegal Crossings Into U.S. Rise Dramatically

Border Official Warns of ‘Full-Blown Crisis’ as Illegal Crossings Into U.S. Rise Dramatically

“If the current policies in place are revoked, as their critics promised they would do, the 2,300 per day will become a full-blown crisis overnight”

Illegal border crossings from Mexico into the United States rose dramatically in November and one border official is already using the word “crisis” to describe the problem.

Does anyone expect that this situation will improve under a Biden administration?

Anna Giaritelli reports at the Washington Examiner:

Top border official warns of ‘full-blown crisis overnight’ as illegal crossings hit 70,000 in November

United States border officials encountered more than 70,000 migrants who tried to enter the U.S. from Mexico illegally in November, four times the number of people seen in April.

Acting Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Mark Morgan said Monday that federal agents on the southern border have seen a “significant” increase in arrests of illegal immigrants between ports of entry and the number of migrants turned away at border crossings over the past seven months. November’s count this year was notably higher than the 42,000 people encountered at the southern border during the same month last year.

Of the 70,000 people encountered at the southern border last month, 67,000 illegally crossed the border between ports of entry and 3,000 were denied entry at the ports, CBP data shows. Morgan mistakenly told reporters in a call Monday morning that 87,000 people were encountered at the southern border.

Are there more migrant caravans in our future? It’s starting to look that way.

“If the current policies in place are revoked, as their critics promised they would do, the 2,300 per day will become a full-blown crisis overnight as we stand by and watch the numbers go even higher, making the last year’s crisis pale in comparison,” Morgan said.

The report goes on to note a rise in the number of unaccompanied minors showing up at the border. What is a Biden administration going to do with these kids? They certainly wouldn’t put them in cages, would they?

The Biden team is apparently aware of what a problem this is going to be for them.

Steven Nelson writes at the New York Post:

Biden team anxious over surge in illegal immigration, border detentions

President-elect Joe Biden will take office amid a surge in detentions at the Mexican border, reportedly prompting his advisers to consider keeping some Trump administration immigration policies to avoid inspiring an even bigger rush.

The uptick threatens Biden’s promises to propose amnesty legislation and to adopt policies that defer deportation and allow applicants to await amnesty decisions in the US.

The Wall Street Journal reports the transition team “has grown concerned” and is “trying to decide which policies to change and when” to avoid “creating the appearance of leniency.”

The number of unaccompanied minors and families detained at the border is rising and experts say they expect numbers to grow further.

It’ll be fascinating to see how the media covers Biden’s response to this, if they even do at all.


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Happens every time they think liberals are in charge. It also always brings new disease outbreaks.

Tidal wave incoming in 3… 2…

Exactly. And never let a good crisis go to waste, amirite?

It would be nice to think that as jobs come back next year, that they go to citizens first. Don’t count on it though.

Super Bowl is just around the corner…they got to get those under age sex workers in place.

Biden will roll out the red carpet. Free health care and college tuition and an early ballot for 2022! Also, swing by LA for all of the free stuff you can grab.

At least they won’t be illegal aliens. Biden will take care of that!

Station troops at the border until 1/20/21.

    Generalissimo Biden will just move them.

    We no longer live in America. It’s about to worse, and it will never get better.

    Well, at least mcconnell will enjoy himself and get his cut.

It appears the United States of America is at war.
You can call these people migrants, but to my eyes, with these numbers, this appears to be an invasion force.

what better way to keep us locked down then bring in more disease vectors and covids…..

So many of us have been on lock down for 9 months, people are actually standing in line to enter stores (in subfreezing temps) in my state because of strict occupancy levels, and Biden is going to let tens of thousands of illegal aliens just march the hell on in.

notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | December 15, 2020 at 2:54 pm

When do we get articles on our new AG?

New Acting Attorney General Jeff Rosen Recently Wrote an Essay on Foreign Influence in US Elections – This Tells Us A Little About His Knowledge of What’s Going On Today

Gateway Pundit

I wonder how long it will be before they start crediting Biden with building a border wall.

wait, how can this be? trump has told us many times that the “wall” has been built. he’s said how so many illegals have been deported.
there have been billions of dollars directed toward border security.
this simply can’t be happening!!!

Emigration reform to mitigate progress (e.g. victims, collateral damage) at both ends of the bridge and throughout. A wall to safely direct people and reduce waterboarded children a la Obama/Biden’s social justice adventurism through the Middle East, Africa… Iraq War 2.0.

It might come down to Armed Citizen Militia’s protecting their own state borders including the closing of borders deeper in the US to keep out a tide of illegals. When that happens, anarchism will reign under this illegitimately unelected government of Biden.

Mine Field signs every 50ft. will slow the tide.