This takes real courage for someone who works in higher education. The cancel culture mob is already after him.

RedState reports:

VA Wesleyan Dean Paul Ewell Goes Postal on Facebook; Calls Biden Voters Anti-Country and Anti-Christian

Virginia Wesleyan University, a private liberal arts and sciences school in Virginia Beach, is back in the throes of the political and culture wars.

Paul L. Ewell, a business professor and dean of the university’s Global Campus, took to his personal Facebook page and wrote this:

“Please, please help me with something. If you voted for Joe Biden, please unfriend me. Or, reply that you are a Democrat and I will unfriend you. If you were ignorant, anti-American, and anti-Christian enough to vote for Biden, I really don’t want to be your social friend on social media. I wouldn’t hang out with you in real life, I don’t want to hang out with you virtually either. You have corrupted the election. You have corrupted our youth. You have corrupted our country. I have standards and you don’t meet them. Please remove yourself.”


Mind you, this was on his private Facebook page. But as we all know, with the Internet, there is no such thing as “private.” Someone discovered the post, took a screenshot, and then shared it on their social media. In this boiling-point year of course it went viral, and so have the responses to it. The outrage from alumni, parents, students, and other faculty continues two weeks later.


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