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UVA Student Paper Op-Ed Says Stand Up to ‘Racist’ Family Members at Thanksgiving

UVA Student Paper Op-Ed Says Stand Up to ‘Racist’ Family Members at Thanksgiving

“No matter the outcome, standing up for your principles disrupts the presumption of agreement so often assumed by bigots”

It’s that time of year again and right on cue, progressives are urging people to ruin the holidays with political fights.

Campus Reform reports:

UVA student newspaper opinion writer: ‘Stand up’ to ‘racist family’ at Thanksgiving

An opinion columnist at the University of Virginia’s student newspaper encouraged her readers to “stand up” to “ racist family” at Thanksgiving.

Emma Camp, who writes a regular opinion column for the Cavalier Daily, asserted that “white progressives must privilege their principles over personal comfort” in conversations with family during the holiday season. In order to fulfill this mandate, they “need to stand up to their racist loved ones.”

Though Trump, who Camp defines as a “proto-fascist,” who has “been defeated,” she argues that “the hateful rhetoric, conspiratorial thinking and virulent racism, xenophobia and sexism he espoused during his tenure remain deeply entrenched in American political discourse.”

“When we sit silent over our uncle’s QAnon rants or our high school friends’ xenophobic comments,” she continues, “it shows that we value our own comfort over what we know to be our ethical duty.”

She again admonishes readers to prove that their “moral principles” are more important than their “relationship with racists.”

“No matter the outcome, standing up for your principles disrupts the presumption of agreement so often assumed by bigots,” concludes Camp. “Hateful beliefs may continue — but at the very least you can make it clear that they are not welcome to at least one person at the dinner table.”


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This idiot forgets that it is likely she is a guest at the table not the owner of the table or the provider of the meal. At my house she would not be invited back.

There are many occasions where the traditional advice to avoid discussing politics or religion is well-founded. Family gatherings are one of them — because the focus is *supposed* to be on family and things that bring us together rather than separate us.

Neither the strident young leftist nor the ranting uncle would be welcome at my house if they cannot hold their tongues for at least one day.

That said, conservatives like me who live in deep blue states will probably smile at this student’s assertion that it is we who benefit from “the presumption of agreement so often assumed.”

Maybe sane adults should stand up to brainless 20-something lefties who have never done anything positive in their lives; just mooched off mom and dad.

40+ years ago, I ruined several family dinners by espousing social justice and pointing out injustice and inequality. My family had to tolerate this young social warrior of the 70s, and we survived, and I learned to leave politics and religion for other times and occasions.

Wait, isn’t gathering at all for Thanksgiving this year the same as the apocalypse?

Berating your elders like this is a good way to get written out of wills.

“I leave all my worldly belongings to my beloved grandchildren, with the exception of Emma, who believes that inheriting wealth perpetuates racism.”

    Good point.
    I do recall, not so long ago, one was to respect one’s elders. Too much indulgence and power has been handed to youth who do not yet have wisdom and discernment. Or common sense for that matter.

Sounds like about as much fun as Thanksgiving dinner with Meathead.

So that means conservatives would shun Democrats – but that only happens the other way.

Young people are SO well educated that they just HAVE TO share their wisdom. Chuckle.

Y’all are doing it wrong. Prep yourselves on the Muslim slave camps in China and the after they rant, politely ask them what they think about the massive scale of it all; what should we do about it and what they think of Trumps EO to ban products from these camps. Then talk about the scale of human trafficking. It will really spoil their self-aggrandizing drama!

I’m ashamed of my alma mater once again. It’s becoming a constant theme. Be warned. Standing up for principles works both ways, and weak social justice arguments fall apart pretty easily.