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Prof Predicts Trump Will ‘Sabotage’ the Economy if He Loses to Joe Biden

Prof Predicts Trump Will ‘Sabotage’ the Economy if He Loses to Joe Biden

“a few of the commonplace dystopian possibilities for November”

He also predicts Trump supporters will become violent. These people are really blind to the behavior of their own side. It’s amazing.

Campus Reform reports:

Prof predicts Trump will ‘sabotage’ economy before January if he loses to Biden

Professor of International Relations and Political Science at City College of New York Rajan Menon wrote in an opinion piece that supporters of President Donald Trump will become violent if he loses the election.

Menon also claimed that Trump will use the remaining time of his presidency to sabotage the economy for Joe Biden.

In the piece published by Business Insider on October 28, Menon discussed “a few of the commonplace dystopian possibilities for November.” He predicted that Trump will receive a majority of the votes cast on Election Day but will ultimately lose the election once all of the mail-in and absentee ballots are accounted for. Thus, he predicted that Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden will the presidency.

“Trump gets the majority of the votes cast in person on November 3. A Pew Research Center survey found that 60% of those supporting the president intend to vote that way on Election Day compared to 23% of Biden supporters; and a Washing Post-University of Maryland poll likewise revealed a sizable difference between Republicans and Democrats, though not as large.”

“He does, however, lose handily after all mail-in and absentee ballots are counted. Once every ballot is finally tabulated, Biden prevails in the popular vote and ekes out a win in the Electoral College.”

Menon explained that Trump will then convince his supporters that the election was stolen from them, and “Trumpsters” will take to the streets causing chaos and violence: “The president, however, having convinced his faithful that voting by mail will result in industrial-scale fraud (unless he wins, of course), proclaims that he – and ‘the American people’ – have been robbed by the establishment. On cue, outraged Trumpsters, some of them armed, take to the streets. Chaos, even violence ensues.”


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When he was a college student, he wrote a paper how Americans became violent after the Japanese Navy made a peaceful visit to Hawaii.

The progressive fascists telling us what they will do when they lose.

Trump needs to appoint a special prosecutor to look into the Biden’s corruption, Hillary’s corruption and Obama et al’s attempt at framing him with Russian collusion.

The massive fraud is a fact, not an opinion. All the “found” votes, they even have a name for this strategy, “Blue Shift”. While we were asleep last night, Biden found ballots in AZ, WI, MI that were mysteriously all in his favor. The odds went from a Trump win.

All this professor has described is the appearance of a cheat. The fact that he could describe it in advance does not change its apparent nature as a cheat.

And it wouldn’t be a bad idea in my opinion for Trump supporters to do some demonstrations, maybe in each contested state for the state legislatures to see.

Not sure what sort of sabotage prof. refers to. Revert to Biden/Harris policies immediately? He’s just looking to blame failures by Biden/Harris on supposed Trump “sabotage”. These people are always formulating their excuses ahead of time.

Trump won’t sabotage the economy. Why bother? Electing Slow Joe will do the job without any help.

    artichoke in reply to Bill West. | November 5, 2020 at 8:26 am

    One could think that it would be clever to elect Biden/Harris to fail economically for 4 years in what is sure to be a tough time economically anyway. But nah, I don’t want to put the country through that.

It’s what socialists since Lenin have used to explain why their theories which work so well in their own minds go “ker-plunk” when actually instituted.

It’s why every single blessed country which went full socialist/collectivist in the past 100+ years went from being a food exporter to a food importer – or starved the populous (not the leaders, ‘natch) to punish them – because ONLY sabotage could possibly explain any failure. Kulaks, Jews, Deplorables someone (not in charge) will inevitably be blamed.