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Networks declare Joe Biden President-Elect

Networks declare Joe Biden President-Elect

While legal challenges, particularly in Pennsylvania, continue, the major networks have declared Joe Biden the winner of the national election. Trump is vowing to continue the legal fight.

While legal challenges, particularly in Pennsylvania, continue, the major networks have declared Joe Biden the winner of the national election. Trump is vowing to continue the legal fight.

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There are still legal challenges in PA, but the networks have declared Biden won the state and the presidency.

Many other networks join in the call.

Trump is defiant.


More shrinkage but still may not be enough



This is what happens when you don’t need to match voter signatures.




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cnn and abc called the 2020 election for joe biden. If they are wrong (((they are))), wouldn’t their reputations be destroyed as “news” organizations? They could arguably be classified as propaganda organizations, if they are so wrong on such a huge story.

All just part of the plot. They’ll steal the election, democracy, and freedom all in one fell swoop unless we stop them.

They send us all over the world to fight wars and bleed for others. Maybe it’s time to fight and bleed where it matters.

It is a soft coup. BTW, FOX NEWS IS DEAD TO ME!

Its to be expected. What wasn’t expected is that it took them so long to announce it.

Now the follow on is that other news organisations around the world will report the news and then when and as Trump works his through the courts the media will paint him as a sore loser and when, God helping, he wins the media will cry about him being illegitimate for the next 4 years.

As I’ve been explaining to the wife, there are far too many irregularities for anyone to be comfortable with this election. How do you keep the Senate have a shot at taking back the House while not holding the Presidency??? People in a hurry to complete fraudulent ballots and only ticking the top box??

    notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to mailman. | November 7, 2020 at 12:43 pm

    Share WITH everyone.

    Raheem Kassam @RaheemKassam

    Republicans aren’t losing in down ticket races because the industrial scale ballot fraudsters were only marking the President box.

    To save time.

    It means more fraud per minute if you ignore the rest.

Furthermore, for networks to be calling the race over is a major issue of professionalism and really does question their credibility.

One suspects the reason the Democratic media wants this race over and done with is so no one starts looking at the role they played in attempting to drag a dead corps across the finish line.

They all announced in quick succession, so that was a coordinated effort. They are all-in with biden and the ccp. IF (not going to happen) biden wins, the obama cancer returns to the USA, but on steroids. To the thinking of the msm, when PDJT is called as the winner, antifa/blm/blackbloc and even their normies are going to (try) to go on a rampage (more obama cancer). The msm has calculated this move as a win-win.

Rudi is rocking that press conference… wow…


The media don’t decide the election. This is yet another example of bias in which the media assist their d/progressive and anarchist allies to craft the illusory narrative of a Biden win.

Does that mean Biden will ultimately not be the winner? Of course not. The fact is that vote counts continue. No State has certified its election.

Between mow and certification are a large number of legal challenges. There will be changes in vote tally between today and certification. Enough to push results to mandatory recount territory in some states? Maybe.

Even then a recount is only a confirmation of vote totals. Keep in mind that votes are derived from ballots cast which are themselves derived from voter registration lists.

The true battle upcoming is forcing the states to canvass the the registration list for inaccuracy. Then eliminating ballots cast by ineligible voters.

Next is the battle over timelines for receipt of a ballot; as in PA. If late and State legislature did not act to extend timeline then those ballots and any votes should be removed.

Then the battle is over ballots that were ‘cured’. Basically if a voter doesn’t cross the t and dot the I then the ballot is not supposed to be counted. In some states a voter can be assisted under certain conditions. If those conditions were not met those ballots get tossed. In some states no assistance is permitted, some reports indicate that illegal assistance was given, if so those ballots get tossed.

Now the software and hardware of some voting systems has come under scrutiny due to entire county vote in Michigan being wrong after hand recount. Also Oakland CA. It isn’t unreasonable to expect that a spot check of these states will find more issues. If so then the entire state using that system would need to be recounted by hand.

Next is meaningful observation by poll watchers. The reason we have them is because in previous years the votes were hinky. The observers are state mandated pre positioned witnesses. If they are unable to witness and attest to the process due to distance or removal or simply by virtue of too many ballots being touched simultaneously that outnumber the available poll watcher and election observers that calls into question the validity of the process.

Let these issues and others play out.

This is a planned tactical/strategic move by the Dem forces. It is designed to do two things. The first is to establish the narrative that Biden has won election. This makes it possible for the Dems to claim that Trump and the courts stole the election, if action is taken which reverses the reported results. The second goal is to attempt to inhibit the courts from becoming involved, to any extent.

Look, because it appeared that Trump was running up a major vote differential in this election, the Dems were forced to mount a less than stealth vote fraud campaign in a few selected states. This was another slap-dash operation which has generated volumes of obvious evidence of such fraud. And, it is not beyond the realm of possibility that an honest court would order that one of these states NOT certify the votes, until thee extent of the effected ballots can be determined. Newt Gingrich has put forth an interesting answer to the problem of how to handle votes tabulated while Republican poll watchers were physically excluded from observing the process, a violation of US and state election laws. That is to declare the ballot count tainted, in the counties where it occurred, and to simply exclude the vote count from those counties. As these are the counties which generated huge vote counts for Biden, this would hurt him far more than it would Trump. Would the courts order this? Who knows. Never have we had a national election where the vote fraud was so egregious or so visible.

    I wrote after reading this on TGP that it can’t be assumed that the Dominion software behaved that way in every state deployment. The Dominion software could have been hacked and deployed on a local level, or there could have been another resident program that manipulated the tally. Such a program could be self-deleting as well – or resident in memory only and wiped when the machine was rebooted or turned off.

    Elsewhere I read that the voting machines in GA that were offline for 2 hours on election day, was because the vendor uploaded an update the night before. I spent a few years in Software Quality and Configuration Management and that gets an “Oh my God” from me as exceedingly poor configuration / quality management practice. Why not just let the fox in the henhouse? No Beta/User test before deployment? Anyone with an agenda would hijack the machine with such an open door to the software.

Media doesn’t decide this, not matter how badly they want to. Sit down, lefty shills.

Gosh, it’s a good thing we have unbiased news networks to announce this stuff. Otherwise we’d have to rely on states counting votes and other such nonsense.

I declare Trump the winner. See how that works. It don’t mean shit.

I was expecting them to declare Biden the winner sometime last night…
And so they did. When did they call it, 3AM?
By Monday… old news…

The only conclusion that can be drawn from all of the massive vote fraud is that Trump won by a huge margin, maybe the largest on record, requiring efforts far beyond anything the Dems had anticipated to overcome it – hence the clumsy panicked production of ballots with only one race filled in.

I think I am forbidden to actually say how fucking disgusted I am at this process.
I now regret permanently messing up both my knees in army (peacetime) at the old age of 20.
I have to stop typing now.

No one thinks that Trump saw this coming? He has two arms, he is fighting a legal battle with one, we should all believe that there is something happening with the other.

Paul In Sweden | November 7, 2020 at 3:30 pm

The impeachment of Donald J. Trump that began prior to his inauguration prior to January 2020 is now complete it seems; according to the media.

    Yes, 16 trimesters of witch hunts, warlock trials, and protests have acomplished their goal. Ironically, every allegation of Trump misconduct, was actually a projection of Democrat misbehavior.

The fourth estate has evolved as a stand-in for our Constitutional government, judicial process, due process, and law enforcement, too.

I hope the AP joins the Chicago Tribune as the butt of jokes for generations to come.

Its amazing that these same networks were lecturing Trump about declaring victory early and then they do this! Its a fucking disgrace! ??