Science has shown us for a while that schools are pretty safe from COVID-19 spreads. That didn’t stop New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio from shutting down the schools due to a spike in cases in the city.

Parents got ticked and *now* de Blasio acknowledges the science the Democrats supposedly embrace so much.

From The New York Post:

De Blasio shuttered in-school learning Nov. 19 after the city hit a seven-day rolling average 3 percent positive-test rate for the virus.
He came under fire at the time for sticking with that threshold even though tests showed lower coronavirus rates in the city’s schools than in their surrounding communities.

In his sudden about-face Sunday, de Blasio said that while the Big Apple’s latest rolling average is 3.9 percent, the city is still reopening schools because “we have so much proof now of how safe schools can be” amid the contagion.

“This has come from real-life experience in the biggest school system in American, right here in New York City,” the mayor said.

Something tells me that de Blasio thinks people bought this act. The man could not come out of it without egg on his face.

He should have just admitted he was wrong.

The facts about school and COVID-19 spreads were in de Blasio’s face the whole entire time. He is either stupid or power-hungry. Maybe both.

De Blasio admitted the recent closure came with no reopening plan. His whiplash has only stirred anger among parents:

“My head is whipping trying to figure out what is what,’’ said Millie Gondor, 42, who has two kids in the system.

“They don’t make it easy,’’ she said of city officials.

Betta Buffallomonte, 37, who has a child in public school, added, “De Blasio is not very decisive. Open them, close them — doesn’t give you much faith in that they know what they’re doing.”

De Blasio’s orders only apply to elementary schools. Unfortunately, special education students cannot return to school until December 10.

Three days might seem little to you and me, but that is a lot for special-ed children.

The New York Post published a heartbreaking article on November 20 expressing concerns of parents with special-needs kids.

The parents are not lazy. It’s that special education teachers have specific training to teach these kids. Plus, some special-needs require different types of teachers whether it’s verbal, expression, or physical therapy:

“For us it’s not inconvenient, it’s devastating,” said Julia DeBlasio Olsheski, a data analyst who has a 7-year-old third grader in a specialized autism program run by the Department of Education.

“I’ve had to hold him like I am a human straitjacket just to keep him in front of the computer,” said Olsheski, who estimates her son has only received 18 of the normally 60 sessions of occupational, speech and physical therapies he usually receives by this time in the school year.

Olsheski said her 7-year-old son has broken a number of devices and has even started hurting himself.

“He has started behaviors we have never seen before,” Olsheski said. “He is losing essential life skills that took seven years to gain and they are gone.”


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