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New Diversity Director at Michigan State to Receive $315K Salary

New Diversity Director at Michigan State to Receive $315K Salary

“also gets a $25,000 signing bonus”

As I’ve said many times previously, diversity is now an industry within higher education. A lucrative one.

The College Fix reports:

New Michigan State diversity director gets $315k salary, $700/month car allowance

It’s a great gig — if you can get it.

Michigan State University’s new vice president/chief diversity and inclusion officer (CDO), Jabbar Bennett, was offered a cool $315,000 per year salary, as well as a $700 “monthly vehicle allowance,” according to The State News.

Bennett actually will earn just under $300,000 between his start date of December 1 through June 30, however, due to COVID-related “financial strain[s].”

(That car allowance, by the way, is a “usual benefit” given to MSU vice presidents according to the contract.)

Bennett also gets a $25,000 signing bonus “in lieu of reimbursement of moving expenses,” and “upon request” two free tickets to any MSU football, men’s basketball and/or men’s hockey game (if available). (He must reimburse the school for the full signing bonus if he leaves his position before one year’s time.)

The new CDO’s duties include working with MSU officials to develop “diversity, equity and inclusion” plans, “designing delivery education and training programs” and being involved in various hiring processes.

Professor Bennett will be an “at will” employee, meaning he serves at the discretion of MSU President Samuel Stanley Jr. and can be dismissed at any time “without notice or reason.”


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The Friendly Grizzly | November 8, 2020 at 9:52 am

There will be a lot more like her in every walk of life under the new regime coming to Washington.

That’s a sweet deal even for the diversity crowd. Is he related to Joe Biden?

Virtue signaling is VERY expensive.

I guess Michigan State has more money than they know how to spend. If I were a Michigan taxpayer, I would want to know how they got that much money. If I were donating to Michigan State, I would decide that they don’t need my money.

That’s probably only about 2 ½ times what a full professor makes at Michigan State. I’m glad they know what is important in education.

My alma mater. They are dead to me.

This while the kiddies and their parents are paying a fortune for television shows. And wasn’t itMichigan State which covered up a doctor guilty of criminal abuse.

He gets free hockey tickets? Once he sees the hockey team’s racial makeup, there will be hell to pay.

And he will claim that being able to ice skate is a racist requirement created solely to keep inner-city students from playing hockey!