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Networks Prop Up Biden Celebration Parties, Despite COVID Concerns

Networks Prop Up Biden Celebration Parties, Despite COVID Concerns

They’re not super-spreader events if it’s for Biden or rioting for social justice.

The MSM has long called President Donald Trump rallies COVID-19 Super-Spreader Events.

To the shock of no one, COVID-19 took a backseat after the media projected Joe Biden’s victory over Trump.

SERIOUSLY? Wish I could say I’m shocked:

CBS Evening News anchor Norah O’Donnell: “[W]hile there is disappointment among President Trump’s supporters and Republicans, there is also a sense of euphoria in this country.”

CBS This Morning co-host Gayle King: “Yeah. I called it unbridled exuberance. It’s like, Norah, the country is having a nationwide block party. You can go from city to city to city and for the most part, see people jumping out of their skins…Most people are wearing their masks — some people are not. But people are being very respectful and just very happy and embracing of one another on Times Square, which is huge at this particular. You feel it. The joy is palpable out there.”

O’Donnell: “2020 has been so difficult for so many, not just because of the coronavirus but job losses and others and so, there is a sense for those who support Joe Biden, a sense of jubilation tonight, and that’s why they’re out in the streets.”

Curtis Houck over at NewsBusters, who you should follow on Twitter, found a whole bunch of quotes from supposed neutral journalists. One correspondent had the nerve to compare the Biden parties to Victory Over Japan Day.

John Dickerson insults those who died in WWII:

60 Minutes correspondent John Dickerson: “[B]ut speaking to people today, V.J. Day in Times Square. There’s that famous photograph of the kiss in Times Square. There are people who describe a kind of release and that comes…from something they have felt constricted by over the past few years…But that I’ve never heard in politics, this sense of emotional release on — on an election day or at the end of an election.”

King: “It is very emotional. That’s a really good way to describe it. What you feel when you walk around and talk to the people and look at the people and hear the people, it is extremely emotional for everyone.”

All of these celebrations accurately depict the feeling of all Americans, right? Obviously:

“Well, Norah, obviously, from the moment the news broke today, people flooded the streets here in New York, began celebrating and they’ve been going at it really ever since, as you can see here in Washington Square Park. People have filled this park here. Here, I heard one woman tell another woman, ‘2020 needed this.’ ‘2020 needed this’ is what she said and that might give you a sense of just how so many of these folks feel. We’re seeing signs. We’re seeing shirts that say things like, ‘Dump Trump,’ or ‘Out Now,’ you know, which might be an interesting illustration of something interesting we’re seeing and we’re hearing. A lot of what we’re hearing, the yelling, the chanting, the singing, has just as much to do with the people who are excited about the fact that Donald Trump will no longer be president, as much as the fact, as much as the prospect of a Joe Biden administration. I asked 30 people here over the last hour. 16 told me they were just happy Donald Trump was out. 14 told me it was a combination-of-the-two and two people said they were out here celebrating the fact that Joe Biden was going to be president. Obviously, that is anecdotal. It is a microscopic sampling, and a very, very liberal city, but it gives you an idea of what is animating a lot of excitement here in New York City.”

— CBS correspondent Mola Lenghi, 8:18 p.m. Eastern.

Jake Tapper mentioned that America “had the highest day of infections” as CNN broadcasted all the celebrations. He said people wore masks, “although for some of them they’re slipping off their face.” Tapper noted that people have to socially distance as well.


Masks are great, but social distancing and not touching are just as important. So unless you are constantly washing your hands after you touch something or someone you’re still at risk.


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And they wonder why we hate them?
Good thing they are in China’s pocket. They would be bankrupt by now.

The only complete safety lies in the grave. People need to come to terms with that or they’ll live in constant fear. If it’s not Covid-19, it will be some other threat (real or manufactured).

This isn’t relevant to the article but why can’t we use state houses to make some of the changes we want?

For example on internet censorship create a state definition of platform and state definition of publisher, and local laws protecting freedom of speech on platforms.

Section 230 states they are platforms not publishers it never actually defines the difference (it is a very poorly written law) which should leave plenty of space for a state house to fill in.

On education republican trifectas in dozens of states hold the entire power of the purse; why isn’t it being wielded against critical race theory?

Folks, the lynch-pin in all of this has been AG Barr’s treachery, by finishing Sessions’ non-work.

Don’t let the maggot off the hook.

The MSM is supporting the Biden demonstrations? Hold the presses. Get ready for an expose. Next stop, the Pulitzer.

What gives, with reporting? There is only one story out there. It is not COVID, or Hunter, teh Dem progressive/socialist wing. It is that the Dems perpetrated a massive fraud to deprive Trump of the election. They did it in such a way that it is generating massive amounts of evidence of the crime. In fact, it was so slap dash, that it is the elector fraud equivalent of a burglar leaving his driver’s license on the dining room table when he was burglarizing a house. And reporters are chasing stories about the MSM supporting huge Biden celebrations. Thy are chasing stories of the Grim Reaper, Gov. Cuomo, telling people an effective vaccine for COVID-19 is a bad thing, unless it arrives after Biden is inaugurated. In the past, investigative journalist would have been tripping all over each other to unearth evidence of a political scandal of the vote fraud scandal. But, it has all but fallen off the radar, even among many conservative and Trump supporting news organs. What has happened to the journalistic profession? A sixth grader could do this level of reporting.

Fox News ratings have tanked after the election, CNN taking the top 16 spots on Friday

notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | November 9, 2020 at 9:21 pm

The Democrats’ Efforts to Hide Their Actions in Pennsylvania Will Likely Lead to President Trump Winning Pennsylvania

President Trump has the truth on his side. When his campaign demanded transparency in the election process, his team was denied access. This will come back to haunt the ever-corrupt Democrat Party, Big Tech and Big Media.

Boycotts work: break the media, hollywood, and leftist schools.