Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), the man who spent the last four years going after supposed collusion between Russia and President Donald Trump, is concerned that Republicans would spend too much time “investigating rather than legislating” during a Biden administration.

This is so freaking cute!

From Townhall:

“They want to go after Hunter Biden still,” carped Joy Reid to Adam Schiff. “They want to go after the investigations that led to impeachment. A time in which I think for a lot of people you sort of became the modern-day Thaddeus Stevens.”

Stevens was a fiery Republican who railed against slavery; think pro-life Republicans in the modern era. Schiff is a partisan Democrat who represents the amoral interests of Hollywood elites.

“Is this what we’re going to have to sit through for the next four years?” Reid asked. “Republicans just doing investigations and refusing to legislate?”

Schiff said he shared Reid’s concerns about Republicans spending their time investigating rather than legislating, which is rich coming from the Democrats’ lead-impeachment manager.

“I do expect in the new Congress that yes, they’ll continue to try to go after Joe Biden and delegitimize Joe Biden,” Schiff said.


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