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Democrats Setting up Voter Suppression as Excuse to Contest Election if Trump Wins

Democrats Setting up Voter Suppression as Excuse to Contest Election if Trump Wins

Clyburn insisted his state doesn’t have drop boxes. A lot of South Carolina counties have drop boxes! People in counties without boxes can drop-off their ballots in person!

House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-SC) insisted voter suppression is the only way Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden loses against President Donald Trump.

Clyburn claimed he has complaints from people about this supposed suppression. He also doesn’t know that South Carolina has secure drop-off ballot boxes.

From Fox News:

“I have had complaints all day today,” Clyburn told Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum on the “Democracy 2020 Election Preview Special”. “Professional football players from my home state cannot vote because their ballots have not been delivered to them. They can’t come home to vote because they are in lockdown because of COVID-19 …

“So I already know some Biden voters here in South Carolina are not going to be allowed to vote simply because the postal service has been undercut by the Postmaster General,” Clyburn added.

Blah blah blah. Same thing over and over.

MacCallum reminded Clyburn that voters can drop-off their ballots in secure boxes.

Clyburn feigned ignorance:

“South Carolina has got voter drop boxes?” Clyburn asked. “I wish you would show them to me. I’ve been in South Carolina for all of my 80 years. We do not have voter drop boxes. That is how lies get out.”

“Well, it is my understanding that every state has them,” MacCallum responded. “If South Carolina doesn’t, that is a big question that South Carolina should address immediately, because it is my understanding that every state has them.”

Clyburn continued to show his lack of knowledge because he whined that “the legislature would not approve” the drop boxes.

Yes, your state has drop-off boxes, sir. Not every county has the boxes, but it looks like people can hand in their ballots in person:

The Richland County Elections Office told News19 voters can drop off ballots at their main and satellite locations.

Director Alexandria Stephens said, “[voters] need to locate a poll worker and more than likely it’ll be someone outside doing curbside. Some of the locations like 2020 Hampton Street, we have a tent with the ballot box outside, and of course it’s being manned. You can just drive up where the tent is and drop your ballot off.”

Sumter County has two separate lines for voting in-person and returning ballots at the County Court House.

“There’s no waiting in line for bringing your ballot in… You are to bring your ballot up, have it plopped in and dropped off. There is no wait,” said Director Patricia Jefferson.

Jefferson added that people will have to come inside the Court House.

“We don’t have a drop box. We want to capture those that are coming in. There’s someone at the backdoor of the Court House who is checking your temperature before entering the building and they’ll give you directions,” said Jefferson.

Lexington County has their ballot drop off outside.

Director of Elections and Voter Registration, Mary Brack, said, “we have a table outside with a secure ballot box that the people are able to bring their ballots to us. There is a person at the table that will verify their names.”

Brack also said they prefer people to drop off their ballots at their main elections office but if someone needs to do it at one of their satellite locations, that’s okay too.

Clyburn also said he would pray for black people who vote for Trump instead of Biden because the Democratic Party owns the black community:

“I don’t know where those polls come from … ” Clyburn responded. “I can tell you what, and I feel this sincerely … I’m the father of three Black women. I am the son of a Black woman. If any Black man can go in a polling place and cast a vote for a man who referred to a Black woman as a dog on national television, I’m going to have to pray for them. I will have to pray for them. I don’t know of any man [who] can abide that kind of disrespect and insult.”

Trump called one black woman a “dog” so I guess that means Trump thinks of all black people are dogs.

Baier quickly pointed out the Democratic Party’s habit of demeaning black people for having a free mind and voting against the party.

Clyburn said:

“What I said was. any man that calls one of my three daughters a dog, I would never vote for them, and I don’t understand any Black man that would vote for anybody that refers to a Black woman [that way],” Clyburn maintained. “All of us that I know are sons of Black women. I don’t stand for that kind of insult for my mothers, my sisters or my children.”

Trump didn’t call your daughter a dog, sir. He called one black woman a dog. Was it childish and stupid? Yes, but give me a break.

I guess when someone insults a ginger that person hates all gingers.


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Good thing they aren’t worried about making a consistent argument, given record turnout in may areas.

    According to all MSM outlets, Biden has a 20 point lead in every swing state, despite being hidden in his basement and not being able to put together 2 coherent sentences. He’s got nothing to worry about.

    They’ve got bigger problems than losing this election.

    notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to Same Same. | November 2, 2020 at 12:38 pm

    Spoken just like the slave owners favorite house slave!

Lucifer Morningstar | November 2, 2020 at 10:22 am

Well I tell you what, if you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black. ~~Joe Biden

But House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-SC) is willing to ignore the racist nonsense that spews from Joe’s mouth. I call people like that hypocrites. But what do I know.

Morning Sunshine | November 2, 2020 at 10:23 am

“any man that calls one of my three daughters a dog, I would never vote for them, and I don’t understand any Black man that would vote for anybody that refers to a Black woman [that way], All of us that I know are sons of Black women. I don’t stand for that kind of insult for my mothers, my sisters or my children.”

but you are totally A-ok with black rappers and “artists” referring to black women and girls with much worse terms and names.

Your outrage would be more convincing if it was consistent.

I’m shocked that Democrats won’t accept the results of an election. Scrambling for excuses before the results come in is a tell that they already know they’ve lost.

Now that Clyburn has been educated about drop boxes, maybe he will ordered them torched and blame Trump supporters. Now why would I think that?

You had me at “Blah blah blah. Same thing over and over.”

Democrats have been claiming VOTER SUPRESSION for thirty years, have not produced a single voter who was supposedly suppressed.

Of course they are suppressing the vote themselves by harping on Wuhan Lung Rot 24/7. It is Biden voters who are paranoid about Covid.

Mail-in voting is voter suppression.

An Obama Federal judge in Washington state orders mail-in ballots in Detroit and Michigan to be classified as Priority Mail.

Just the latest in the coming series of Federal judicial orders trying to deliver the election to the Communist Party.

IN Pennsylvania, the Trump Campaign is Contact Tracing Votes!
And, the local election boards hate it.

Ginger hate is real!

The rest, not as much, no.

I did get a chuckle out of the headline – Democrats setting up voter suppression… Of *course* they are.

This election, more so than the 2016 election, has become a propaganda war, on the part of the Dems. In 2016, the Dems honestly did not think that Trump would win the election. This was largely due to the fact that they did not realize that the entire political landscape had changed. In 2018, the Dems ran tests of their future vote fraud practices. They worked. But, they also exposed those practices. And, in 2020, the Trump campaign, not to be confused with the Republican Party, is not going to allow them to repeat that fraud. And, do not think for an instant that the pollsters are incompetent. The Establishment may not have known the true extent of Trump’s support, but they knew it was nearly overwhelming. So, the entire 2020 campaign has been a coordinated effort by the political establishment; politicians, political parties, polling organizations, lobbyists, activists and the media; to convince the public that Trump is hated and despised by the people and can not win reelection. In other words, the ultimate voter suppression campaign.

One final thing. Trump, as the representative of ~50+% of the American people, represents an existential threat to the Establishment. Realistically, 80% of his accomplishments can be immediately reversed by rescinding his executive orders. Almost all of the actions he wanted to accomplish, which required legislation, were never passed, even with a totally Republican Congress. So, why did the Establishment work so hard to have him removed from office? All it had to do was to continue to drag its feet, legislatively, and reverse the EOs he issued when a Dem President was elected. Why not simply wait? Because this has never been about Trump. What happened during the second Obama administration is that the power in this country shifted. It shifted from the Establishment and its lackeys to a rising Populist movement representing the people directly. The was a political war being waged in this country. And, the Establishment will use any means to maintain its power and position.

because the Democratic Party owns the black community

Just like in 1860. Owned damn near the whole thing.

I wouldn’t say history repeats; I’d say some things never change.

Mr “Corridor of Shame” has spoken.

Clyburn is an obvious liar in addition to being an idiot. The only votes Republicans are interested in suppressing are those of the dead.

I guess when someone insults a ginger that person hates all gingers.

dogs have souls….gingers…well…eric cartman did a report on the daywalkers


That has been the obvious strategy for some time now, as I and other have repeatedly pointed out.

1. Mail out ballots in States which have not previously conducted mass mail balloting.
2. Change or eliminate voter ID, signature and witness requirements.
3. Change or broaden the election day norms by eliminating time and date of ballot receipt.
4. Eliminate post mark requirements.
5. Fail to adhere to voter registration list maintenance requirements to remove deceased registrants or registrants who have moved out of State.
6. Expand opportunities for mischief by removing barriers to harvest ballots.

Finally, use obviously inaccurate polls to create a narrative of a Biden victory. Make the tired and baseless claims of voter suppression where voter ID and ballot security measures couldn’t be weakened.

The resulting chaos was the primary goal. The secondary goal is to utilize the chaos and timidity of certain Courts to achieve victory. The tertiary goal is to utilize the chaos to begin anew with the ‘Trump didn’t win the election was stolen’ narrative.

    notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to CommoChief. | November 2, 2020 at 3:49 pm

    Just this morning the local NBC affiliate was saying you didn’t need any ID (state law) or anything to go and vote.

    May Antifa/BLM take out that KJRH for those outright lies.

I reckon I wouldn’t want to drop off my ballot at the county courthouse in person, either. That is, if I knew I was wanted by the sheriff.

Blacks like Clyburn should shut up already and find an African country to settle to. They are never going to be happy or willing to work with an Anglo-Saxon law system, so there are other places they can do. The only racism that is acceptable is against white males and hopefully Trump can shut that down now.

And yes, when will prominent blacks tell the rappers to clean up their trash that passes for art in their culture.

Here is the voter suppression you might actually get. In Democrat states polling places are understaffed and/or slow-walking the process. How many people will stand in line for hours in the cold, versus concluding that their vote is not needed and going home?

Something, something, broken glass, crawling, Trump

Mary Chastain: Clyburn continued to show his lack of knowledge because he whined that “the legislature would not approve” the drop boxes.

SC Senate OKs no-excuse absentee voting; rejects drop boxes: “the drop box proposal and others, such as allowing early voting, were rejected by 24-16 or 25-16 votes on party lines, with Democrats on the losing side.”

    CommoChief in reply to Zachriel. | November 2, 2020 at 6:48 pm


    OK if by drop box one means an unattended container then you are correct. On the other hand if you mean ‘do voters have a way to drop off their absentee ballot in person directly so they don’t need to worry about the USPS or anyone else mishandling or a late delivery of their ballot’ then you are not correct.

    SC voters have had zero restrictions on obtaining an absentee ballot. ‘No excuse’ required for 2020. Absentee ballots can be dropped off in person to the County Clerk of that voter’s County.

    To imply that voters are reliant upon the USPS is vastly misleading.

Clyburn is obviously a sad victim of Democratic education suppression.

What’s the chain of custody of these supposedly secure “drop boxes”? I can’t help but think that these are suddenly a thing this election because they enable vote fraud. Put some drop boxes in Republican districts and lose them on the way to the polling station, among other possibilities.