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Coronavirus: Merkel Tells Germans to Avoid Social Contacts As Christmas Approaches

Coronavirus: Merkel Tells Germans to Avoid Social Contacts As Christmas Approaches

Merkel: “We cannot promise relief for Christmas.”

German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Thursday told people to stay home and cut down on social contacts ahead of the Christmas, as the country registered record number of new cases of Wuhan coronavirus.

Chancellor Merkel’s remarks came as Germany is in the midst of the second wave of the Chinese virus which began resurgence last month. Germany reported 22,268 new cases of the Chinese virus and 389 death, taking the total cases to over a million and 15,160 fatalities since the pandemic began.

The month-long lockdown, which Merkel introduced in early November, has now been extended until at least December 20. This, however, does not mean that Germans can observe Christmas with traditional festivities.

The so-called “Christmas amnesty,” or the respite over the holiday season, promised earlier by the Merkel’s government, may not be granted, Merkel said. “We cannot promise relief for Christmas,” she warned on Thursday, thus crushing the hopes of a normal holiday season for Germans this year.

The German public broadcaster Deutsche Welle reported Merkel’s comments:

German Chancellor Angela Merkel defended the extension of Germany’s partial lockdown in a speech to lawmakers Thursday.

She said current lockdown measures had enjoyed some success, but more was needed to avoid the health system being overwhelmed.

“Our goal is and remains to reduce the number of infections to such an extent that the health authorities are once again able to recognise and interrupt infection chains,” Merkel stressed.

She said this would be achieved if the number of new infections per 100,000 inhabitants fell below 50 within seven days. In most regions of Germany, the figure is currently significantly higher. (…)

The chancellor noted that since November restrictions, people have reduced their contacts by 40%. Underscoring the need for further restrictions, she said that “if we were to wait until intensive care units are fully occupied, it would be too late.”

The news cases of Coronavirus are on the surge in Germany despite the toughest lockdown measures in Europe imposed by the Merkel’s government. Pubs, restaurants, gyms and other leisure facilities have been closed. Hotels are allowed to provide accommodation only for “non-tourist purposes.” Private gatherings are limited to no more than five people from two households, and Mask-wearing is compulsory in all indoor public places.

Merkel has repeatedly told Germans to “stay home” and cut social contacts. “I ask you to refrain from any trip that is not really necessary, any celebration that is not really necessary. Please stay at home — wherever you are, whenever possible,” Merkel said in an address to the nation on October 14.

While the risk posed the Chinese pandemic is real, Merkel has not been even-handed in her approach. Her government has not only allowed, but actively cheered, the large ‘anti-racism’ protests in line with the U.S. Black Lives Matter movement, but on the other hand opted to clamped down on traditional Oktoberfest and upcoming carnival festivities.

Berlin was “shocked” by the incidents in the U.S. and “it is good if people take to the streets in Germany as well with a clear statement against racism,” Merkel’s official spokesman declared at the onset of the essentially anti-Trump, if not anti-American, protests which brought ten of thousands of Germans on the streets.

Merkel: “Coronavirus Germany’s biggest challenge since Second World War”


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The science would suggest you need to do like Sweden

The science would suggest that Mutti Merkel face trial.

    Speaking of sociopolitical climate crisis, she can be held responsible for her role in Obama’s social justice adventurism (e.g. Iraq War 2.0) forcing catastrophic anthropogenic immigration reform, including: refugee crises, trail of tears, and collateral damage.

Oh, good. Just what we need is another German leader to instill panic. We’ve got governors over here perfectly capable of doing that, thankyewverymuch!

Merkel: “We cannot promise relief for Christmas.”

Even if you did, what would it change? You’re a farking politician. Anyone who believes your promises is retarded.

    Nearly half of Covid-19 attributed deaths happened in Planned Parent facilities. 80 to 90%, perhaps more, of excess deaths could have been avoided through early treatments that were denied or stigmatized by disinforation spread by the press, social platforms, politicians, experts, and activists.

Are the Germans pulling the same nonsense as the Californians? Are they failing to treat diagnosed cases of coronavirus?

Is the real reason for the deaths a serious case of politically motivated medical malpractice?

Oh thank goodness.
Now the perpetually offended do not have to drive trucks into the Christkindlesmart.
Silver lining and all that.
Blessed Christmas to all.

Happy to be the first here to say, “Bah, humbug!”

Sounds like good advice. I will avoid contact with German Chancellor Angela Merkel this Christmas season. I believe my life will be all the much richer for the caution. I have avoided contact with any Cuomo for the same reason.

In other times she would have been laid upon a marble table and relieved her own tension, bled out and properly disposed of.

IIRC, she has a doctorate in chemistry that she obtained as a student in Russia.

Remember, diversity in time and space. Any social gathering of more than one person is a potential spreader event. Avoid Planned Parent clinics in jurisdictios where the governor or mayor is Pro-Choice. Oh, and don’t forget to wear your goggles. The eyes are a window to viral and social contagion.

I don’t think she’s in good health — maybe she needs an operation. Maybe one named after warrior maidens from Germanic mythology.

Easy for Merkel to say. She has no children with which to celebrate Christmas.

Russ from Winterset | November 27, 2020 at 9:36 pm

Frau Merkel is proof that while you can take the girl out of the Stasi, you can never take the Stasi out of the girl.

15,000 dead? That sounds bad. How many people are expected to die from all causes in Germany during this time period? How does the 2020 total death count compare to previous years?

“Coronavirus Germany’s biggest challenge since Second World War”

Interesting choice of words. Germany STARTED the 2nd World War. And I’m pretty sure which side Merkel would have been on if she’d been around then.