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Colleges Begin Slashing Tuition Prices Amid Sagging Enrollment

Colleges Begin Slashing Tuition Prices Amid Sagging Enrollment

“Amid the coronavirus and economic downturn, financial constraints have finally put a limit on what families can afford to pay”

This is all being driven by the pandemic, and I suspect things are only going to get worse for higher education.

CNBC reports:

Colleges are slashing tuition to entice students back

With enrollment numbers plunging, some colleges and universities are taking an aggressive approach to lure students back.

One school is slashing the price for first year students to zero.

Amid the coronavirus and economic downturn, financial constraints have finally put a limit on what families can afford to pay, while many also contend that remote learning is just not worth the same as face-to-face instruction — causing some would-be college students to rethink their plans altogether.

As campuses shut down due to Covid-19, a growing list of universities, including Princeton, Georgetown and Johns Hopkins, offered a 10% discount on tuition for students studying remotely to account for changes in the college experience.

Williams College in Massachusetts and Hampton University in Virginia reduced tuition and fees by 15% for the current academic year.

“This reduction recognizes the fact that the pandemic and associated challenges are requiring us to cancel winter study as well as fall athletics competition and many student activities, among other opportunities that we usually encourage families to expect as part of their student’s education,” Williams president Maud S. Mandel wrote in a letter to the community.

Paul Quinn College in Dallas, slashed the cost of attendance even further after deciding to remain fully online in the fall to $5,996 from the in-person price of $8,321.

“We understand that this is a time of great uncertainty and unrest,” President Michael Sorrell wrote in a letter.


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A 10% discount off of an astronomical price tag still seems like it’s a bit high.

Maybe they could get rid of a few dozen people out of the diversity bureaucracy and bump it to 20%? Just thinking out loud.

notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | November 1, 2020 at 1:57 pm

Those colleges would never survive in retail.

10 or 15 percent reduction when the middle class families have been put out of work by those same colleges and Democrats…

Only 10 or 15?????


Remember colleges/education PURPOSELY shut down the nation’s Economy to harm President Trump.

I remember reading the 1st news of an Ivy League college shutting down and knew instantly that they would all shut down.

OH and Spring enrollments ALWAYS drop way down from fall enrollments.

“One school is slashing the price for first year students to zero.”

Examine the fine print for the “no transcripts” clause.

Whoever your ad carrier is has progressed from offering “Beat Trump” ads to outright “Update your Flash Player” malware ads. If you have an avenue to bitch at them, please do.

Would love to see Federal loans slashed.

    The Friendly Grizzly in reply to alohahola. | November 1, 2020 at 4:45 pm

    No loans at all. if there have to be loans, they should be for SERIOUS students with GOOD grade averages. They should be taking real majors with potential employment opportunites where the loans are repaid, and taxes paid that end up making the loans a positive long term benefit.

    And, no quotas based on race, sex, or alleged hardship. You have the chops or you don’t.

    Just make colleges on the hook for a non-trivial percentage of Federal student loan defaults, like a third. That should add discipline to admissions and the various programs offered. You could still have a liberal arts degree, but like in the old days, distribution requirements and no-basket weaving courses.

Tuition is just one part of the equation, you also have numerous fees involved, is there a room and board reduction considering the fact that many schools have a limited food service menu

Evaluate the market potential for every degree program and only loan the amount that the student is likely to afford paying back.

In the mean time, enrollment for classes such as HVAC tech, electrician, carpentry, and plumbing at tech schools are seeing an upturn. The foolish ones will complain at their colleges. The wise ones will get an education that actually means something.

Considering that the stereotypical craftsman doesn’t seem to hold the same economic and political views as the stereotypical liberal “arts” or political “science” graduate, it may mean something very good for the future. When your world view determines where your next meal comes from, reality comes to live with you.