Legal Insurrections may remember Obama operative Dr. Zeke Emanuel, an oncologist whose beliefs include that life after 75 years of age is not worth living. Biden is 77-years-old.

Biden named Emanuel as one of 10 advisory board members to his coronavirus task force. He has already planned vaccine distribution policies that will make globalists happy.

Emanuel, who served as a key architect of the Affordable Care Act under the Obama administration, co-authored a paper in September in which he encouraged officials to follow the “Fair Priority Model,” which calls for a “fair international distribution of vaccine,” rather than what he and his co-authors characterized as “vaccine nationalism.”

The model allows the country that produces the vaccine to hold onto enough of a supply to keep the transmission rate below 1%, but says that beyond that, the vaccine should be distributed internationally. That means giving away or selling doses of the vaccine before it’s available to every citizen in that country, Emanuel explained to Scientific American.

I sure wish some reporter or debate host would have questioned Biden on the distribution priorities at some point in the campaign. However, they were far too busy making Trump denounce racism.

Meanwhile, another Biden coronavirus advisor is sticking to the “darkest days” script.

…Joe Biden’s coronavirus task force member Dr. Michael Osterholm warned on Tuesday that the “virus is really dangerous” and the holiday season will be the worst “period of the entire pandemic.”

“Right now, we have to have the public understand that this virus is really dangerous– that if you share air with people in the public spaces or in your private home with people who you haven’t had bubbled experiences with, meaning that they have been out in public, then, you’re at risk,” Osterholm told FOX Business’ Maria Bartiromo on “Mornings with Maria.”

Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris on Monday announced their Transition COVID-19 Advisory Board to shape the administration’s approach to combatting the coronavirus.

Osterholm, who will be one of 10 advisory board members on Biden’s task force, doubled down on the president-elect projecting a “very dark winter” in terms of how the coronavirus will spread.

“Over the course of the next 12 to 14 weeks are likely to be the darkest period in this entire pandemic and that they [Americans] have to take this thing very seriously,” Osterholm stressed.

The darkest days are already dawning in California, as 11 counties (including my own) go into tighter lockdowns.

Eleven counties moved back to more restrictive tiers in California’s coronavirus reopening system Tuesday, an unprecedented regression as the state contends with an increasingly worrying surge in infections.

Among the backsliders were San Diego, Sacramento and Stanislaus counties, all of which moved into the purple tier — the strictest category of the state’s reopening roadmap.

This week also marked the first time that no counties moved forward into a less restrictive tier, said California Health and Human Services Secretary Mark Ghaly.

“We anticipate, if things stay the way they are, that between this week and next week, over half of California counties will have moved into a more restrictive tier,” he said Tuesday. “And so that certainly is an indication that we’re concerned and that we have to keep a close watch on what’s happening.”

I sure hope everyone who voted for Biden, both living and dead, enjoy the new federal priorities!


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