A Biden campaign bus received a big Texas welcome from Trump supporters on Friday.  The Biden campaign was not amused; indeed, it quickly claimed that a Trump supporter hit a following Biden aid in a white suv and that because the Trump Train “ambush” was so large and intimidating, they felt forced to cancel multiple Texas campaign events.

Here’s the general view of the Trump Train escorting the Biden bus.

Seems friendly enough.

Inside, the Biden bus, however, there was outrage. And calls, I kid you not, to 911.

Indeed, he goes on to state that a Trump supporter hit a staffer’s vehicle. He also is alarmed to see armed people . . . in Texas. Stop laughing.

So what really happened with that staffer’s vehicle?

[FS UPDATE: LI reader dmacleo provided a link to a better view:


The FBI is reportedly on the case.

Biden rallies across the country have been more heavily populated by Trump supporters than Biden supporters, a point that prompted “decent,” unity-minded Biden to angrily lash out at “ugly” Trump supporters.

The New York Post reports:

Reps for President Trump’s reelection campaign and GOP pundits wasted no time ginning up outrage Friday after Joe Biden attacked a group of Trump supporters honking their car horns in protest during his Minnesota rally as “ugly folks.”

“Joe Biden’s staffer who tweets for him tweets about “decency” all the time. Yet when Biden speaks, he regularly insults Trump supporters,” said GOP Rapid Response Director Steve Guest in a tweet. “Last week, Biden called Trump supporters “chumps,” now, he calls us “ugly folks.” Spare us the moral preening, Joe!”

So the Biden campaign was likely quite happy to have an excuse to cancel further events in Texas.


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