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Arizona State U. Course Teaches Students to do ‘the Inner Work of Anti-Racism’

Arizona State U. Course Teaches Students to do ‘the Inner Work of Anti-Racism’

“This has gone too far. This isn’t teaching. It’s political propaganda.”

This is part of a new narrative on the left. It’s not enough to not be racist, you must be actively anti-racist.

Campus Reform reports:

ASU course teaches students to do ‘the inner work of anti-racism’

An Arizona State University communications class offered students an assignment to do “the inner work of anti-racism” by studying “anti-racism” lectures and podcasts, according to a relative of the student.

One assignment reads “For the next 7 days, you need to commit do [sic] at least one practice or idea around doing the inner work of anti-racism,” according to screenshots provided to Campus Reform.

The aunt of one student in the class posted to social media about the assignments, saying, “My niece sent me this assignment that she is required to do at @ASU. She must explain how she is doing the ‘anti-racist’ work because it’s presumed she’s racist.”

“How is this allowed in a communication class?” she added. “This has gone too far. This isn’t teaching. It’s political propaganda.”


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Didn’t they do the same in China’s great leap backward?

THIS is why the left has spent so long taking over institutions, in particular in higher education. So they can “mold” (read brainwash) people into being the way they want them to be.

The Friendly Grizzly | November 17, 2020 at 5:06 am

It might be time for the taxpayers to just defund their state-run universities anyway.

In the days of the colleges and universities offerin courses of study that gave students the grounding to earn a living that would pay back, and then some, through the taxes they would pay.

Now, with all of this SJW rubbish, and even real courses of study being taken over by the radicals, it is time to pull the plug.

As ASU alums, my wife and I stopped supporting the school years ago when ASU faculty joined the Woke movement! We still receive requests for donations and support but feel we can’t do this in good conscience. We even passed on the tuition break for our son. I’m sure there are other people who feel the same way and it is unfortunate and sad but ASU is a far cry from the institution we attended 20 years ago!

Was this at least an elective class that’s not required for any major or diversity requirement?

    artichoke in reply to artichoke. | November 17, 2020 at 1:05 pm

    Spirited Sparrow ?
    Sep 16
    She just told me it’s a required class.

    Also my niece now follows me so you can say hi or give advice directly on this thread. I warned there would be stuff like this. Imagine paying to go to school and be asked to atone for the sin of your skin color. Good night ?

Somewhat OT — Per order of its new dean, Yale School of Management is on a diversity kick, not only for students and faculty but staff. The non-faculty employees will also be diversified.

    artichoke in reply to artichoke. | November 17, 2020 at 2:25 pm

    He also has some idea that businesses should pay closer to the same for different jobs, to reduce the racial wealth gap.

    Flatten pay. Of course, for everyone but those in charge.

“This isn’t teaching. It’s political propaganda.”

Isn’t all public education about introdoctrination? The schools tell students what and not teach how to think.

    artichoke in reply to Romey. | November 18, 2020 at 11:34 am

    No, I’d say a decent amount of time is spent on the 3 R’s, and then further courses involving useful writing skills, more math, etc. — genuinely useful stuff.

    But they’re trying to mix the garbage into everything, so you can’t even tune out the nonsense but are forced to engage in it on the way to learning the basic skills.

    That’s the point where a real alternative education is needed. “Just teach me skills and keep you ideology to yourself!”