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UC-Santa Barbara Students Demand Abolition of Campus Police With Some Backing From Faculty

UC-Santa Barbara Students Demand Abolition of Campus Police With Some Backing From Faculty

“There is a different way to address the reasons why there are different forms of crime.”

Who do these people think they’re going to call if someone steals from them or tries to harm them?

The College Fix reports:

UC Santa Barbara students, backed by radical profs, demand abolition of campus police

Last Thursday played host to a University of California system-wide “Cops Off Campus Rally” at which protesters demanded all UC police departments be disbanded by September of next year.

At UC Santa Barbara, over 100 students, faculty and members of the community banged pot and pans in a “clamor of energy” and offered “impassioned chants” in their bid to get rid of campus cops, according to The Daily Nexus.

UCSB English professor Felice Blake told the crowd she and others are “deeply concerned” about cops’ “use of violence and murder, especially [on] Black and Brown people.” She also complained about how campus police had been used to quell UC Cost of Living Adjustment protests.

Blake said “We are here because it’s time for us to be here, it’s more than time. It’s time for us to make a demand to abolish — and when I say abolish, I mean abolish — the police.”

According to her faculty page, Blake’s research interests include “literature, cultural studies, Black Studies, and gender studies.”

Department of Chicana and Chicano Studies head Ralph Armbruster-Sandoval claimed that people opposed to getting rid of campus police suffer from an “impoverishment of imagination.”

“There is a different way to become safe,” he said. “There is a different way to address the reasons why there are different forms of crime. How can we address joblessness, poverty, the poor conditions people have to live in that create crime?”

Armbruster-Sandoval’s academic interests include “race, labor, empire, social movements […] Marxism [and] liberation theology.”


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Give them what they want. No police officers or private security will be allowed to set foot on campus.

Then get some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy the show.

When they become prey, they’ll change their minds.

Imagine the utter lack of imagination and the denial of reality required to recognize how much crime is committed by selfish, malicious, bad people.

No support … no service … to hell with them … they’re on their own.

They tried that in Minneapolis. Why don’t you ask the members of the city council there what their constituents thought of that idea after crime skyrocketed in just a couple of months. How the homeless invaded the neighborhoods. Are the students and faculty willing to share their dorms and grounds with the homeless? Put up with massive drug use, burglaries, robberies, shootings?

UCSB should stand for UC Skate Board. The whole campus gets around on skate boards, and it has the world’s only traffic circle for bicycles! I kid you not. It’s a real goat rodeo.

I graduated from UCSB with a Bachelor’s of Science in 1989.
It was the best four years of my life.

The only crime there was dormitory theft, things like stealing CDs. There was no serious crime that I was aware of.

In 2014, a student child of a Hollywood executive went on a rampage because he was sexually frustrated. He killed his Asian roommates with a knife, then ran down students on the streets of Isla Vista, the adjoining village.

My best friend and I went back to walk around the campus at night while drunk, sometime around 2002, and the campus police approached us to inquire about our business. We explained that we were alumni, and they let us go about our way.

UCSB is known as a party school, but their engineering and physics departments are serious. I received a solid education there and will always cherish the memories that I have of those years.