I’ve been covering higher education news for years and I’ve seen some crazy stuff but I am legitimately shocked that the student paper published this.

Campus Reform reports:

Student newspaper publishes instructions on how to make a Molotov cocktail

The student newspaper at the University of Wisconsin -Milwaukee posted an opinion-editorial containing instructions on how to make and use a Molotov cocktail.

The editor-in-chief of the UWM Post, Adam Kelnhofer, wrote an op-ed on June 14 going over the history of the Molotov cocktail after protests broke out in Milwaukee following the death of George Floyd. The op-ed included instructions on how to “make a Molotov cocktail.”

After going over the history of Molotov cocktails and how they have been used in protests “against tyrannical governments around the world,” Kelnhofer says that while he does not “condone violence,” he supports individuals protecting themselves through “whatever means necessary.”

“I am a staunch supporter of giving people the ability to defend themselves, protect their rights and their ways of life through knowledge and whatever means necessary,” Kelnhofer stated.

Kelnhofer noted that the Milwaukee Police Department claimed that a Molotov cocktail was thrown at officers and commented that there was no evidence of that occurring. While stating that “the police do not have the right to use Molotov cocktails against protestors,” Kelnhofer says that it’s different for protesters, and offers “some of the blunter tools of revolution and the fight against oppressors.”

“However, if the lives of these beautiful protestors continue to be threatened by a tyrannical government who seemingly does nothing to stop the death threats against black people vital to the Milwaukee community like Nitty and Coleman, I can offer some of the blunter tools of revolution and the fight against oppressors,” Kelnhofer added.


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