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Trump Ad: ‘Joe Biden Sold America Out to Make His Family Rich’

Trump Ad: ‘Joe Biden Sold America Out to Make His Family Rich’

GOP ad attacks media for stopping reports on Biden: “YOU ARE NOT AUTHORIZED TO VIEW THIS CONTENT.”

The latest ad from the Republican Party for President Donald Trump attacked the mainstream media for all of a sudden not reporting or downplaying Hunter Biden’s scandals.

Trump also released three ads attacking Joe Biden for selling out America “to make his family rich.”

Biden’s Scandals

Three other ads point out Hunter Biden taking advantage of his family name while emphasizing the documents that show Daddy Joe mentioned in ways to split up profits from deals with a Chinese company.

One of the ads replays the obviously lie Joe told the media: “I have never discussed with my son or anyone else anything to do with their businesses. Period.”

The documents show that is a lie.


The media rightfully reported and explored the conflict of interest when Hunter Biden took a position on Ukrainian company Burisma’s board while then-Vice President Joe Biden served as the U.S. mediator to help Ukraine shift away from Russian control.

But they stopped recently. The only explanation could be because it could hurt Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.


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Crackhead Hunter and Dementia Joe, a pair that beats a full house. Grifters…

2smartforlibs | October 24, 2020 at 1:41 pm

The amazing part is Trump was impeached for inquiring about what is unquestionable Biden cooperation. Biden would already be impeached by liberal standards and so would Heels up.

Shaq is coming out to suppprt Biden

Dang, he’s a volunteer police officer

And generally conservative

What an idiot…

Black… thicker than life itself…

The media is doing its best to keep this quiet. Imagine what coverage would be like if incriminating evidence like this was found on a computer belonging to Donald Junior or Eric Trump.

    notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to bw222. | October 24, 2020 at 4:02 pm

    But it is not working.

    The DIMS have manufactured the perfect storm for their final extinction.

    Check it out and see.

    CNN’s Van Jones Praises Trump, ‘Doesn’t Get Enough Credit’ For ‘Good Stuff He Has Done For Black Community’

    Rasmussen Poll Of Black Likely Voter Job Approval Of Trump Is Astounding

    Biden Calls Pennsylvanians Who Don’t Support Him ‘Chumps’

    Weasel Zippers

Where are the ads running?
I won’t see them.
But, if they don’t get out on MSM, they are preaching to the choir.

Why did Obama* allow it? Why did the State Dept allow it? Why did banking officials allow it?

This spanking is gonna leave a mark! Just sayin’.

Biden has oversaturated the market with spots telling people what a great and normal person he is. Well made, though not so convincing.

Looks like a lot of early voters are having second thoughts. Events have a way of doing that.

Straight up beast mode. Devastating stuff for Joe (or it should be), and all backed up by fresh facts rolling out daily. I hope these pieces are widely distributed nationwide and shown every 15 minutes during prime time.

What this shows to anyone – save the most indoctrinated narcissist – is that obama, biden, clinton, kerry, pelosi,schumer and the rest of the gang has been looting the nation for DECADES. DECADES!

Pelosi’s Son Now Involved In Ukraine Scandal:

Ukraine documents show millions funneled to John Kerry’s family:

Barr and Sessions should both be hanged along with the above.