Tony Bobulinski just appeared for a 45-minute interview on Tucker Carlson tonight.

Bobulinski was involved in helping set up a deal with a company, CEFC China Energy conglomerate, connected to the Chinese Communist Party, through Joe Biden’s son and brother. Bobulinski met twice with Joe himself, but the others were interposed as go-betweens to provide Joe with “plausible deniability” should it become an issue in a future presidential run.

The tale is a little complicated because of all the players involved, but at its essence Joe Biden’s brother and son worked the deal, got Bobulinski involved to run it, used the Biden family name and status as the lure for the Chinese, and Joe knew what was going on despite his denials. Bobulinski said he was particularly incensed, and decided to come forward for the interview, after Adam Schiff and then Joe Biden himself claimed it was part of a broader Russian disinformation campaign.

A tape was played of Rob Walker, a representative of the Biden interests and the spouse of Jill Biden’s former top personal White House aide, telling Bobulinski “you’re just going to bury all of us, man”.

He also suggested that the share in the deal for James Biden, the brother of Joe, went from 10% to 20% after it was mentioned that 10% was being held for “the big guy,” Joe.

Here are some key clips, we will post the full interview at the bottom of this post when available:

Full video:


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