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Students and Faculty Invoke Claims of ‘White Supremacy’ Over BU’s Plans to Reopen Campus

Students and Faculty Invoke Claims of ‘White Supremacy’ Over BU’s Plans to Reopen Campus

“Pre-existing economic disparities – the result of systemic racism and discrimination – mean that COVID-19 has a disproportionate impact on Black and Latinx communities.”

Who is forcing these students and faculty members to show up if Boston University reopens? Do they have any sense how crazy they sound?

Campus Reform reports:

Students, faculty accuse BU of ‘white supremacy’ over campus reopening plans

Students and faculty at Boston University wrote a letter calling for the dismantling “of white supremacy culture” at the school, with a focus on campus reopening plans.

The letter titled “A Call for BU to Dismantle Institutionalized White Supremacy” came to the attention of much of the school after being featured in an article by The Daily Free Press, BU’s main school newspaper. It was written in recognition of #ScholarStrike, a two-day movement focused on addressing racial injustice in America, held September 8-9.

Within the declaration, the authors argue that many of BU’s practices and policies to allow for the campus to continue operations this fall significantly harm minority groups. Multiple groups on campus took part in writing the letter, including unionized faculty, the Black Student Union, Anti-Racist White Affinity Group Facilitators, Ph.D. Student Coalition, Student Curricula Committee, and others.

“By supporting and even encouraging a dense campus and the return of tens of thousands of inter-state and international students, BU also is increasing the health risk not only to its own campus community but also to the Greater Boston area,” the letter reads. “Pre-existing economic disparities – the result of systemic racism and discrimination – mean that COVID-19 has a disproportionate impact on Black and Latinx communities.”

“Any action which increases the risk of transmission of COVID-19 thus disproportionately affects the health of those communities,” it adds.

The letter lays out the “characteristics” of “white supremacist culture,” which include, “paternalism, either/or thinking, power hoarding, a scarcity worldview, a fear of open conflict and tendency toward secrecy in operations, a preference for quantity (or speed) over quality, and a ‘progress is bigger and more’ attitude.”


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Was this letter written using a book of synonyms and a thesaurus to place in every Social Justice Warfare word known to mankind? What a jumbled piece of trash!

I think the students from BU would benefit from a step outside the Utopia of their dreams into reality. This would require them understanding the imperfection of Life though, and that’s a lesson they clearly missed at some point.

This is from my son, in the FOURTH GRADE. It’s a post I put up on Facebook way back then. “Neil’s science class is continuing a cell project that they started last year by studying the life cycle of an egg (chickens). They have 14 eggs total they are brooding. 3 died in the incubator (eggs cracked in the incubation process), 2 were infertile, 7 hatched, and one has pipped and is expected to hatch and the other has pipped but at the wrong end and so is expected to die before hatching.
We were discussing the chicks on the way home and I asked him why he thought the ones that died in incubation died. I meant, did someone crack them while putting them in but he took my question to mean a broader question that what I was actually asking.
He got an exasperated tone to his voice and said ‘Because life isn’t perfect Mama. “”

I get the sense these kids never learned that lesson.

    The Friendly Grizzly in reply to kyrrat. | October 4, 2020 at 7:51 am

    1) I think I’d like your son. A lot.
    2) He’s not in public school,is he? Or, you have a really good district.

      He’s in private religious school. The high school he is in now, which is a private religious school is a college prep high school taught in classical tradition. The elementary/middle school that fed into this one taught a year ahead of the local public school. We are close enough to farm country that we were able to access resources for science that are often used in rural areas, not so much in urban ones.

      He’s a thinker though, always has been. I’m of course prejudiced, after all he’s mine. 🙂 He’d likely like you. He enjoys talking to people who think through where they stand on issues.

They need to be investigated for systemic racism like Princeton.
Shut it down until we know that taxpayers aren’t insuring the student loans of racists or providing taxpayer funded grants to any research these racists are doing.

Shut the racists down until we review those grant submissions for fraud. I don’t want to be funding New England racists. Do you?

I know university leaders and even students know how to read. A quick glance at their website indicates they are testing every student, limiting every possible thing that can be limited, and offering the squeamish the chance to stay home.

So, the loudmouths racists noted here aren’t concerned about their safety, their real goal is to screw up the life of others. A student who knows the risk (98% of ’em will never get sick) and wants an on-campus life (maybe because their home life is a disaster since totalitarian governors locked them all inside) might be robbed of his or her choice.

This is where we are today in our free country- organized destroyers of society again attempt to get their way. Go to campus kids, your parents (and/or us taxpayers) paid for it.