The election is clearly making some people a little crazy. At least she had the common sense to delete the tweet.

I wonder if anyone has told this history professor that the Republican party was founded to end slavery?

The College Fix reports:

Public university professor deletes ‘F— ’em all’ tweet hoping for death of Republican Party

Mary Gayne, a history professor at James Madison University, had a “spontaneous social media reaction to the morning news” on Monday, she told campus newspaper The Breeze.

The news solidified her plan to vote straight-ticket Democratic in the November election, she had tweeted. “The Republican Party can die for all I care. They’ve demonstrated lack of loyalty to democracy & the US Constitution. Fuck ’em all.”

That off-the-cuff comment drew criticism – but nothing more – from the College Republicans chapter at the Virginia public university and a Republican delegate and JMU alum, Kirk Cox.

Rather than absorb criticism from people without any power over her, Gayne decided to simply delete the tweet, she told The Breeze. “It became clear that the sensibilities of twitterites & robots, that publicly identify themselves as MAGA adherents, were upset by my dropping of the ‘F-bomb’ in a political tweet on my personal twitter feed,” Gayne wrote. It was not “a hill to die on.”

The JMU administration has not insinuated that Gayne (left) could be investigated for the tweet. It told the Breeze that “in no way” does it condone the tweet, which “does not reflect the university’s values,” but it has “limited ability” to regulate what employees say because of the First Amendment. (The Breeze cites a JMU policy on expression that disturbs “safe and orderly” campus operations, which likely has no bearing on Gayne’s expression.)

The College Republicans explicitly said they did not want “the resignation or firing” of Gayne for expressing her views, though they characterized her “Fuck ’em all” as directed toward “conservatives,” despite Gayne’s clear reference to an institution – the Republican Party.


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