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New Math Class at Wake Forest University Aims to Help Students Combat Racism

New Math Class at Wake Forest University Aims to Help Students Combat Racism

“Like all entrenched systems, our department is not innocent of racism”

This is what happens when the political narrative becomes more important than the subject being studied.

The College Fix reports:

Wake Forest University offers new ‘antiracist use of math’ class

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Wake Forest University this fall is offering a “racist and anti-racist uses of math and statistics class” in an effort to combat racism within the discipline of mathematics and the math department itself, according to the scholar who created it.

“Like all entrenched systems, our department is not innocent of racism,” stated Professor Sarah Raynor, chair of Wake Forest’s Department of Mathematics and Statistics, in a memo to the department. “The time has come for us to focus on fighting racism and making plans to create a more equitable educational space.”

Raynor describes the class as a one-credit course that will delve into topics such as gerrymandering and racist predictive policing. In her memo, she also noted the math department has created a department-level bias reporting system.

Raynor and media affairs at Wake Forest University did not respond to repeated requests for comment from The College Fix.

In an interview with the WFU student paper Old Black and Gold, Raynor said “You don’t have to be a declared math major or an upper-level student or anything, you just have to have interest in how the math department is handling racism and antiracism and other systemic inequity issues to show up, and we would love to hear from students at all levels.”

The newspaper described the course as “discussion centered, and will act as a pilot for what will eventually become a larger assortment of classes surrounding the idea of anti racist math.”

In addition to the new anti-racism math class, the math department at Wake Forest has placed a declaration at the top of its webpage that affirms Black Lives Matter, pledges to try and hire more faculty of color and launch microaggression trainings, and organize a math/stats colloquium on social justice.


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2 + 2 = RACIST!

Makes perfect sense. Now give me my grant money!

    JusticeDelivered in reply to irv. | October 17, 2020 at 8:24 pm

    Blacks will not be happy when they are told that they are the most rabid racists in America today.

the WFU student paper Old Black and Gold

Sounds pretty racist to me. Gold-Americans will be setting fires and stealing TVs any day now.

Way to go, Woke Forest.

When are they going to take on racist gravity? All masses are bastards!

This is a for-credit class?!?!? No wonder students at U.S. colleges are suffering a dearth of critical thinking skills. How on earth can so-called academic institutions justify the expenditure of resources to develop ‘classes’ like this, not to mention actually accepting tuition for them? (Doh! Just answered my own question, didn’t I?) They actually pay ‘professors’ to come up with garbage like this?

    JusticeDelivered in reply to Idonttweet. | October 17, 2020 at 8:31 pm

    All the Affirmative shit needs to end,junk degree programs and departments need to killed, and incompetents in business and educational fields need to be fired.

So they admit they will have a political agenda e.g. analysis of gerrymandering? Sounds like they need to fly on their own, as they are no longer a politically neutral entity eligible for government funding.

The Friendly Grizzly | October 17, 2020 at 7:03 am

WFU. In the world of commercial aircraft, that stands for Withdrawn From Use. Too old, or the airframe is timed or cycled out, and will be scrapped.

How fitting.

What planet are these people from? Princeton is literally being investigated by the United States Department of Education for this exact thing…admitted systemic racism at their institution while receiving federal funds.

I hope DeVos goes full Princeton in these “scholars” and I hope she odes it Monday morning.