The confirmation hearings for Judge Amy Coney Barrett were held this week, and what a week it was.

Barrett was articulate, unflappable, knowledgeable, and on point throughout the hearings.

Here are my picks for her top five ‘like a boss’ moments:

#5: Reminds Amy Klobuchar there is no Roe v. Wade “super-precedent”

Klobuchar kept hammering the same thing, and ACB responded like a boss.

Watch as AmyK understands and (reluctantly) accepts that she’s out-gunned.

#4: She’s A Meaningful Mentor And An Inspiration

Moving testimony by those who have worked for and been inspired by ACB touched me . . . and I am not a fan of politicians with “this family of five had to share the same set of false teeth because capitalism!” stories.  This wasn’t that.  Watch:

#3: “I’m committed to the rule of law”

ACB’s response to Sen. Lindsey Graham is ten kinds of awesome.

#2: “I have my own mind”

That’s why the left—and even some on the right—fear her.  Having her own mind is a good thing, though.   And that she wiped the floor with Chris Coons in making the point is an added bonus.

#1: ACB Holds up blank notebook

Throughout the hearings, Barrett flawlessly cited case law, Court precedent, and legal principles on any and every matter put before her.  And she did it all without notes.

Notes? Notebooks? Piles of books? Like a boss, ACB doesn’t need any stinking notes.

It was the moment that launched a thousand memes.  This one is my very favorite.


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